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Celtics Morning Joe: Does Kobe have enough in the tank to lead the Lakers to another title?

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 18, 2011 at 3:44 AM

Of course I want Kobe out of the NBA for good. I'm ready to see him leave the game,and I hope he does at the end of his current massive contract. Kobe has played a lot of NBA basketball,and international basktball with the Olympics,and World championships. He's battled injuries in the last couple of seasons. Kobe,and his knees seem to be falling apart. A lot was made of the Lakers tail spin this season,and the bulk of the blame falls on Gasol,and the lack of a point guard. I believe the Lakers as a unit right now will not win another championship with Kobe. The contracts of Kobe and Gasol hurt the team going forward,and many thought Kobe getting the major extension a few years ago would hurt the Lakers.

Kobe now is in the same boat as Ray Allen,and KG,but Kobe's built around his ability to score the ball. Ray and KG are built around team play,and I think that's a huge difference. Kobe looked a lot slower in the Dallas series. It could be due to three  NBA finals in a row,or it could be age catching up. He's played in more games than Ray Allen by 100 games. That's a full NBA season. Kobe is still in the top 5,but last season he was still number one,or even two if you are a person who believes James is number one.

Kobe could have another true crack at a title. If the Lakers find away to retool with the hefty contracts of Kobe and Gasol. The Lakers lack trade pieces,but Bynum is the best option they have,but he's also apart of their major strength. I hope the Magic don't work with the Lakers in a possible deal with Howard and Bynum.


Do you believe Kobe's done? Do you think the Lakers can add parts to the Kobe Lakers?


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