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The Celtics free agent search: The Bigs Part 3 of 4

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 10, 2011 at 3:02 AM

Hopefully we can get a better idea of the main guys the Celtics should focus on. I think more than anything the Celtics need bigs who can play the entire regular season,and playoffs,and give the Celtics solid defense,and some scoring when the chance is their.


Kwame Brown- The Celtics passed on Kwame last season. Kwame had a solid season with the Bobcats. He averaged 8 points in 26 minutes he also added about 7 rebounds. Brown played in 66 games,and Kwame has come close only once in playing  a full 82 game  season. He's always dealing with an injury,and I would hope the Celtics  do see that as a sign. He does have some game despite being a first pick overall bust. Do I think he fixes the Celtics problems inside? Not even close,but he could give us some help off the bench.



Kurt Thomas- Well he's an old veteran,and the Celtics love that kind of player. He's one of the oldest guys in the NBA at age 38. I like Kurt and his toughness,but I want the Celtics to stay away from older guys. He was a huge spark at times for the Bulls last season,and honestly I see him staying in Chicago. He filled in when Boozer was out,and he gave the Bulls about 22 minutes a game,and 4 points a game. Kurt could offer the P.J Brown type production for the Celtics . Brown was 39,and he gave the Celtics big minutes,and the minutes were low for Brown. Thomas has almost the same game as Brown. He's got the 15 foot jumper,and he's a hard-working big in the paint. If we don't  have a good chance  on some other bigs I want Thomas.



Kenyon Martin- Martin is 33,and he's at the point were it's all about a title. He played in two Finals ealry on in his career with the Nets. He's already had his big contact,and now after injuries,and still in the hunt for a title. Kenyon will look at the list of title contenders,and he will decide which team has the best shot with him playing some minutes to actually help the team. Of course the obvious (injuries)scares me  about Martin. Injuries have hurt some parts of his game,but he seems to be out at least an average of 15 games per season since 07-08. He lost the entire 06-07 season. Kenyon is no stranger to major injuries. I would love to see Martin in Green as a key option off the bench. I'm just cautious of his injury prone  past. He's got a lot of game left in him,but one more injury,and I don't see Martin coming back. He would provide offense,and hopefully some solid defense.



 Chuck Hayes- He's a 6' 6", 238 lbs center. He's real undersized,and don't the Celtics have a free agent of their own to sign who's  undersized? Yes Glen Davis is the same height,but of course Davis has the wider body. Chuck had his best year in terms of numbers. I like his toughness,and his never quit attitude,but I don't like the undersized card. He's a real option,and I like the option,but I'd rather stick with Baby over Hayes. Baby has  more  of a complete offensive game. His body actually helps if your undersized. Hayes would be a solid replacement for Baby if he leaves,but no way can we have two undersized bigs like that. I hate to say it but Baby looks like he's staying in Boston as a run down the list of bigs.



The two old Laker bigs Theo Ratlif and Joe Smith I give no thought to. Just thoughts of I don't think so lets move on.



Leon Powe- Old friend Leon Powe is a free agent again. The Celtics entertained signing Leon during the buyout period after the trade deadline. Leon is another big that worries me. He's never played a full NBA season,and I don't think he ever will,but that doesn't mean he's done in the NBA. He's only 27,and he showed some signs of a full recovery.He's only played 50 games in the last two NBA seasons. Leon was the perfect fit in 2008. He gave the Celtics something that Perkins and Baby couldn't do. He ran the fast break so good with Rondo. He's on the list of high risk for the Celtics,but he's a solid option if he can come back to play over 70 games in the regular season.


The list of bigs I don't want to discuss.

  1. Tony Battie 76ers
  2. Shelden Williams Knicks
  3. Erick Dampier Heat
  4. Juwan Howard Heat

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