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Looking at Jeff Green with a glass half full approach

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 6, 2011 at 12:53 AM

I have bashed Jeff Green,and I have been sick,and tired of hearing about Jeff Green's potential. We needed someone to blame for the loss of Perkins. Some of  us blame Danny,and I think some of the blame has gone down the line to Green. To be honest I don't think Green can play any worse. The laundry list of excuses has already been made about Green.  The one thing  that gets to me the most will always be his non aggressive attitude in his short time with the Celtics . Jeff is not a leader,but he's got four strong leaders around him,and hopefully that will help Jeff. 

Jeff just signed on for next season,and it will be his last year on his contract. I think we can bank on Jeff playing for a larger contract with us or another team. Just like every other NBA player the contract year can be a players best season. They will work hard to get the best deal. This could very well be Green's biggest contract as an NBA player. If we don't see a motivated Jeff Green this season. Then maybe something is truly wrong with Jeff.

Hey a full camp wouldn't hurt Jeff Green. Then again a NBA season would be great. If we see a 50 game regular season then it could hurt Jeff. I hope we can get Green a camp. I think it will give Doc a chance to build on Green's role. What kind of role Doc wants is unclear,but with Doc he wants you to play hard on defense,and to be aggressive on offense. He doesn't want Jeff to be scared to shot the ball. I would also hope with camp he bounds a little with Rondo,and maybe the Big 3 take him in.and give good advice.

I don't want Danny to be wrong. If he's wrong it's bad for me and you. I think in many fans eyes right now. If Ainge can bring in Howard through Free Agency then the Perkins deal would be worth it. If Jeff Green works out with Howard and Rondo. Then the Celtics will remain title contenders. That's way above all of our heads right now. I don't want to put so much stock into that kind of creative thinking,but you got to dream in times like this.

Overall Jeff Green will make his leap this year,or he will remain on the same path as before being mediocre.


I think all the negative talk about Green is justified,and I have done my fair share of the bashing. I have to keep hope that he works out. It would be exactly what Danny was looking for. He's got the skills,but he needs to get out of his head,and he needs to use his unique skill set,and just play the game of basketball.

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