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What do you expect out of Jermiane O'neal next season?

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 30, 2011 at 2:17 AM

Jermaine O'neal wasn't around for 75% of the regular season for the Celtics.

Jermaine has been on a slow decline for the past 5 years. He's had surgeries done,and he's been traded over three times.I think JO hit a low point this season with the amount of games he actually played in. He's battled injuries in past seasons,but he was able to add something to his past teams. The Celtics finally got JO for the playoffs,and he came back at the right time. JO wasn't a 100%,but he looked much better compared to the few games he played in the regular season.

JO had a good first round,but in the second round against the Heat he was hurting. He hurt his wrist in the Knicks series,but JO toughed it out for the Celtics. JO was a hard pill to swallow this season. He was a disappointment for me,but he really showed some signs in the playoffs.

I don't expect a whole lot out of O'neal this season. I think the Celtics should realize at this point and time he's best served as a back up center. He can give the Celtics 20 minutes a night,but asking for anymore could be a stretch. I believe this is the end of the line for JO.

I hope he can stay healthy this season if their is a season. I see him playing a P.J Brown type role for us next season. He can give us enough defense,and enough scoring to give us an edge. The Celtics only have JO under contract at the center position. The Celtics will need to addressthe cente position first once the free agent market opens up.

I think the Celtics will get their moneys worth this season compared to last season from O'neal. I hope he's got some pride,and he comes back strong. He showed some pride in the postseason,and that's what I hope for. 

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Reply paul
01:08 PM on June 30, 2011 
When you judge last season, remember to factor Shaq into the equation. Between the two of them, the O'Neils gave us fantastic value. But right now, Perkins being gone, we are really, really really hurting for bigs. We must keep Baby. O'neil would make a great backup at this point in his career.

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