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Why did the Celtics turn the ball over so much?

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 29, 2011 at 1:31 PM

I thinks it's every coaches pet peeve. If you watch the NBA you know the NBA has access to the timeouts. You hear it over,and over again. Take care of the basketball each coach says until their face turns red.

As a fan it's the most annoying thing I can watch with the Celtics. They have beautiful ball movement at times,and you can  hear Mozart playing in the background as the ball changes hands on the garden floor. The Celtics lost to the Miami Heat this year,and the turnovers seem to be glaring off the stat sheet. It wasn't the quantity at times,but it was the timing of the turnovers. Just in life it's all about timing sometimes. It could be for a promotion,or meeting your future wife. Timing is everything sometimes.

The Celtics had pride on teamwork,and sharing the basketball. The Celtics looked like they were thinking too much,and they didn't have a free flow to the offense. Look at game 4 of the second round. The Celtics didn't turn the ball over on the final play in regulation,but the Celtics failed to execute the final play in  the fourth quarter. Paul didn't get the screen he wanted because of communication issues in the final play. It was unlike the Celtics. What's the real issue behind the final play? The Celtics shouldn't have been in that spot. The Celtics had costly turnovers in the fourth.

The question I ask myself about the turnovers? Why do the Celtics continue to turn the ball over. They finished 9th this season in turnovers. The Celtics gave the ball up over 14.5  times. Turning the ball over isn't about roster changes. It's a mental thing for the Celtics.

Just look at KG and his career turnover numbers. His career average is 2.4 a game. His average as a Celtics is 1.6 per game. It dropped about one a game for KG. The reason KG had higher numbers in Minnesota? He was passing the ball over out of double,and triple teams. In Boston he has two other all-stars by his side to help with the load.

Rondo had a career high in turnovers this season. He gave the rock away over 3 times a game. It's expected once your minutes go up right? Rondo wasn't the only one turning the ball over this season,but when your the star point guard you get the bulk of the blame. Rondo started the season on a all time high. He set the record for most assists in the first five games of the season. His numbers nosed dive each month of the season after the hot start. He battled injuries,and Doc cut his minutes. Rondo at times passed the ball when he had a chance to  shot the ball. He forced some passes inside even though the lane was jammed.

The entire team over passed the ball,and they tried to make home run passes. The Celtics biggest strength might be their biggest weakness at times. They over pass the ball trying to get a better shot. In that same process they pass up good shots trying to get a better shot. It can be trying to watch. Rondo also can be a little to cute with the ball. He's a flashy point guard,and that's apart of his charm right? It is,but I want him to mature a little,and make clean passes. At times you can make the crazy pass out of need.

The Celtics could have beat the Heat if they didn't have breakdowns,and the key factor in the breakdowns? The turnovers in the final minutes killed the Celtics. The game 5 run by the Heat in the final minutes was totally fueled by turnovers.

This could fall into Doc's lap,and he needs to address this. You could say  some of it was the Heat,and their great defense,but the Celtics know better. I look forward into seeing Rondo mature a little next season. I hope the Celtics take the first shot that looks good,and just don't over pass. I hope the Celtics don't make home run passes,and  I hope the Celtics don't try and pass the ball inside when it's jammed.

The Celtics have rebounding issues,and they have a turnover problem. We lost in 2010  because of rebounding,and we lost in 2011 because of turnovers. The Celtics know the issues,and I hope they fix them.

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Reply paul
07:10 AM on June 30, 2011 
I think this is wrong. The key you have to look at is the why of the turnovers. Are turnovers happening because of lazy and disorganized play? Or are they happening because of daring, creative plays? Either way, it's more of a symptom of the larger problem.
Reply paul
07:12 AM on June 30, 2011 
That is, the first kind of turnovers are symptoms of a problem, and the second type are symptoms of the kind of play you want from your team.

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