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Expecting the unexpected in a Celtics trade

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 29, 2011 at 2:11 AM

In 2007 did you see the two mega moves coming by Danny Ainge? I just thought the Celtics would just use the 5th pick on another guy with potential,and yes what do you know the guy we drafted still has the same label. Jeff Green is that potential guy. Instead of taking a guy with potential Danny traded the 5th pick(Jeff Green) to the Sonics for Ray Allen. Allen was coming off the best scoring season in his career.

The Celtics after the trade knew they had something going in the right direction. The Celtics found a willing partner in Seattle. They got the 2nd pick in Durant,and they decided to rebuild. The Celtics found a team rebuilding,and they were willing to let go of their franchise player,and they would give the franchise player tag to Durant.

A month later Danny did the unexpected. He traded his entire youth movement without Rondo in the mix for Garnett. Can the Celtics and Danny Ainge make moves like that again? Do they want to make moves like that with the goal to keep the Big 4 together for one more title run. The Celtics could find a willing partner after the lockout. The new structure will be laid out.

The Celtics could really pull a fast one if another team is willing. What if we trade either KG and Ray? What if we get a Dwight Howard in the deal,and the Magic buyout KG or Ray,and we get one of them  back depending on which player is traded. I have  hope that either Ray or KG gets traded for a star,but they also get bought out, and they return to the Celtics. I guess call me selfish,or just plain out of my mind. It's just been apart of the NBA in the last five years or so. A player gets traded,but gets bought out,and they return to their prior team.

If the right deal comes around I say take it. I'm really torn on a deal that would switch CP3 for Rondo. Without question CP3 is a better offensive player. Rondo is better at leading a team with passing,defense,and rebounding. Chris Paul can pass,and defend well,and that could be just enough to pull the trigger on a trade.

If we have learned anything from Danny Ainge. You should expect anything. He traded Perk,and he made the two big deals in 2007 that gave us banner 17. I expect anything now. I think only Paul Pierce is safe. The Celtics can either wait until 2012 to go after the big free agents,or Danny could be given a golden opportunity this off season.

What players would you trade for?

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Reply paul
12:03 PM on June 29, 2011 
The only deal that I can think of that makes any sense is KG and Ray Ray for DH. I don't really think anything else should be considered. Rondo should be untouchable. PP should be untouchable. KG and Ray should be next door to untouchable (and if we trade them, we should bring them back before they retire to go out as Celtics, if they are willing).

You can't just take the attitude of 'if the right deal comes around I say take it'. Don't you see that a team has to commit to something? That means committing to SOMEONE. In this case, we should commit to Rondo, or trade him. Danny needs to stop screwing around. Now is the time for a leap of faith.

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