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The Celtics window could be closed due to the possible lockout

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 27, 2011 at 8:43 PM

What if the 2011-12  season is lost.  What if it's tossed in the garbage like a used tissue. The tissue would be mine because of all the tears I would shed after knowing the season is over,and more important the Celtics run with the current BIG 3 would be finished. The Celtics have been handed bad luck since the 2008 championship team. The injury bug has caused this team to lose three playoff series in the last three seasons.

With a missed season both KG and Ray will be a year older,and their contracts will be up. The question at that point will be if they return to the game, or retire and walk away for good. We all know this will be the last go around with this core of guys. KG over the season mentioned about leaving the game if their is a lockout.

Jackie MacMullan on WEEI said this about KG after the loss to Miami.

"It's just a gut feeling and I may be totally wrong. I'm not basing this on any reporting or anything. Other than him just disappearing into the night after the final game. I do know this: that earlier in the year i was talking to Celtics people, they were joking that KG almost had this championship in the bank and he was fretting about next year because the f****** NBA was going to mess up the lockout year and that was going to screw them up. He knows his clock is ticking, he's very aware of it. A lot of cryptic comments during the season about his health and that no ones healthy, he's not healthy. The the one thing was a comment he made at the All-Star Game, where he said 'If this is my last time here...' and i thought boy that's odd."

KG has done everything in the league. What gets him out of bed each day now is something I don't know. He truly loves the game,and hey he makes over 20 million a season. I think some of us forget KG has been playing in the NBA  since he was 19 years old. He found shades of his old self during  this season. He was a better KG this year. He struggled last year in the regular season,but he gained some footing in the playoff run in 2010.

Ray Allen will be playing until he's 38 or 39. He's got some miles left on those old tires of his. He will be at best a 6th man on the Celtics or on another team in the NBA. He's one of the best shooters in NBA history. He takes care of his body. Ray hasn't had major surgery. Ray's got a lot more going for him compared to KG. KG had major knee surgery,and KG has logged more time then Ray. KG also battled in the paint.His body took a beating over the cor.urse of his caree

The Celtics already face so many uncertain things in their future. Throw in the league having uncertain times as well. You have a bad chemistry experiment gone wrong. The Celtics are in good shape in terms of heavy contracts. KG and Ray fly off the books next season. The Celtics have to think about Glen Davis,and Jeff Green. From all reports Jeff Green will be extended to next season.

The league could really hurt our two biggest rivals right now because of their long term deals that shell out the big bucks. The Heat have massive money tied up with their big 3 for the next 5 years,and the Lakers have truck loads of money banked on Gasol and Kobe. The Celtics have a good contract on two of their stars right now. Paul maybe getting up their in age, but he's still the youngest of the Big 3. Rondo the future is on a bargain deal.

The Celtics will have money to spend. The Celtics Big 3 may have played their last game together,and we might not even know it. That's what the lockout means  for us Celtics fans. If their isn't a season I believe KG walks away.


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Reply celtsfan
11:29 AM on June 28, 2011 
I fear this so much. Barkley said he thinks the season will not happen. He's been wrong about some stuff,but he's also right on a lot as well.

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