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Glen Davis ended the season on a low note in a contract year

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 27, 2011 at 9:31 AM

He's been out in the public eye all summer long. He's made comments about checking out mentally in the playoffs. He's talked about getting help with a head doctor for his mental breakdown. As for most players in any sport in their contract year. The athlete seems to rise up and play out of their minds. They want to get that big check. Some players perform after getting a hefty contract. Others punch out after getting the money.

The Celtics had a few issues in the summer of 2009 when re-signing Big Bay. Baby was fresh off his playoff run after replacing KG for the 2009 playoffs. Baby showed up for the Celtics. He hit a game winner in game 4 against the Magic in the 2nd round. He was clutch in the entire playoff run,and his numbers drastically went up. He averaged a little over 15 points a game. After all of this Baby wanted to get paid.

Baby held the Celtics hostage in 2009,and he finally got his contract with the Celtics,but before  that. We got to hear sign and trade rumors,and Glen was leaving for New Jersey. He was going to join the cast of Jersey shore. No not really,but I'm sure Glen could provide some crazy antics in that house. The Nets passed on Glen,and he re-signed with the Celtics for two years for a little over 2 million per season. He had a weight clause in the deal,and he's gained weight i think?

Davis deserved the contract in 2009,but does Glen deserve a huge contract after his poor second half,and his playoff let down,or no show. Without question Baby put himself in a tough spot with the Celtics. I don't know if Glen is hurting his chances with other teams after making comments about his mental state. Glen will go up against the new CBA,and that could force Glen into the same deal he has now. I don't see Baby making more than 4 million a year in the new CBA.

I'm tired of getting on Baby's case. I think one of the reasons he's bugged me  was because of the great tease he pulled. He teased us as fans, He gave the Celtics a 6th man type performance for at least 50 games in the regular season this year. Then he became this ego driven player on the floor. Taking games into his own hands,and taking way too many shots. He fooled us? I don'y know,but it really set him back as a player. His growth hit a road block,but hopefully this was a lesson to Baby. I understand what he's doing. He's a young player in the shadow of three hall of famers,and this season he had a fourth future hall of famer in Shaq.

Glen has provided great Celtics memories,and he's given a lot to this team. If I can get my hardworking ,team playing Glen Davis back. I want the Celtics to re-sign him for the right price. As I say that I cringe,because I haven't been a fan of re-signing Baby.The question I ask my self? Can Glen go back to his old style of play, Can he except his role. Does he realize he's probably not a future all-star? I think the biggest reason on why I don't want Baby back. It will always come down to his undersized frame. He's got the bulk,but he's to small. He get's exposed on the glass,and he has a hard time at the rim sometimes. I love his heart,but that doesn't always produce what your teams needs.

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Reply paul
11:07 AM on June 27, 2011 
I think Davis is a young player, more than anything. I don't think he's been coached properly. His best quality, the versatility that allows him to fill in both at center and powerforward, is also his curse; it's inevitably difficult for a tweener to define their game, and I think negative attitudes from coaches make it worse. If you are a tweener, you basically can do nothing right in the eyes of the coaches. I actually think Davis could rebound more consistently and score more in the post with the right coaching. But he needs someone to be consistently encouraging. It seems like Davis only hears about it when something goes wrong.
Reply celtsfan
12:08 PM on June 27, 2011 
Baby will be back. I hope he can tone his body. He needs to get in better shape

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