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Rondo running up the Celtics career stats.

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 26, 2011 at 1:22 AM

The standard for point guards in Celtics lore begins with Cousy. The clever point guard changed the game. He was tricky to contain,and he was the first point guard in league history to become league MVP. Cousy was the corner stone  of the Celtics before Russell carried the Celtics to dynasty status. Cousy owns 6 championship rings,and he lead the league 8 times in assists.

Rondo has the potential to be one of the great Celtics of all-time. It's too soon to in-vision Rondo's number 9 hanging in the garden,but it's possible. Will Rondo have a better resume then Cousy? Not likely,but Rondo has the same the flair,and he gives us shades of Cousy. Rondo is a championship point guard. I believe the Celtics have another chance next year to win a championship. Rondo will be the franchise player once the big 3 depart. Paul Pierce should be the last to go because he's younger,but who knows with Ray Allen hitting 3's, and taking care of his body. The Celtics championship dreams after the big 3 will all be on Rondo,and it depends on Danny. Will he build this team quickly around Rondo? Danny is trying to build now with the current big 3 in place.

The discussion of championships will not define the Cousy and Rondo career comparison. Rondo will more than likely pass Cousy and his all-time Celtics assist record. Rondo should also catch Bird at the top of the steals category.

Rondo is about 100 dishes away from 3,000 career assists in his first five years. Cousy in his first five years had 2,404 assists. Rondo has 500 more at this point,and he already has the single season assist total for the Celtics franchise. He keeps climbing and Rondo will face some challenges after the big 3. How many KG alley oops have we seen from Rondo. How many Ray Allen three's have we seen? Rondo gave the ball up to Ray when he broke Miller's three point record. How many Pierce top of the key shots has Rondo given up.

Rondo could take a dive in the assist total once the big 3 leave. Again it depends on Danny bringing the guys to Boston. I believe in Danny,and I want to leave at  that.

How about the all-time assist total? Rondo will not catch Stockton,but what about the 10,000 assist mark. Rondo in his 5 year career averages 580 assists a year. So if Rondo plays another 8 years at least. Here is the total of assists. Rondo will be on pace to dish out a little over 7,500 assists. That would also break Cousy's mark of 6,945.

I hope Rondo has the chance to break some of these records. Cousy will have a MVP over Rondo,and more championships. Cousy can give up the all-time assist total.

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Reply paul
07:41 PM on June 26, 2011 
First, if you believe in Danny after The Trade, I really don't know what to say. To me, you live in an alternative universe. But I'll say this: I hope Danny redeems himself. If he does a good job of building a team around Rondo, we can look forward to more championships. I think Rondo can be better than Cousy, and that is saying A LOT. Cousy is forgotten today by many, but he pretty much invented the point guard, as we know it. One of the things I love the most about Rondo is that he seems to be a throwback and an innovator at the same time. This kid has a deep knowledge of the game, and a mind of his own. I see him becoming a modern master of the skyhook. No, really! Rondo has vision. I'd like to see Danny trade KG and Allen for Howard. I want KG and Allen to retire as Celtics, but I think that Howard and Rondo could one of the most magical combinations in the history of the NBA.
Reply shawn cassidy
03:31 AM on June 27, 2011 
Hey Paul,
Danny made a mistake,but your allowed some after winning a championship right? I think Danny traded Perk for a few reasons. If he has Perk,and of course Pays Perk. He can't be in play for Howard in 2012. I think that was reason 5 out of 5 when Danny traded Perk. He did it to get a wing,and then he did it because he felt like Shaq played great with the Big 3. Perk was also not himself,and I think Danny got a little scared in paying a hurt center money. Rondo needs to get a jumper,and hell a skyhook will work for me. Thanks again Paul for the good reply!

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