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We survived another draft without Rondo being traded

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 24, 2011 at 1:20 AM

Even though Rondo is an all-star, He's not 100% polished as a player. He still has raw talent,and he's an all-star in the NBA at the same time. He's got his defense down,and he can pretty much call his own shots on defense. Of course at times Rondo gambles way too much. He's still a top defender in the league he finished number two this year in steals.and number one in 2010.

Rondo will always get some heat for his offense. He can't shot the ball from the field with confidence,and at times Rondo would pass up easy lay-ups just to pass the ball to a teammate. Rondo has been a subject in many Celtics rumors since 2009. His value was at an all-time high after his breakout playoff run with the Celtics without KG.

Danny didn't bite on any trades,and Rondo remained a Celtic. This summer the rumors came out into the open once again. I think the hope was CP3 for Rondo,but that's a deal that you make on NBA 2K12 or something. I think it has some heat because CP3 wanted out of New Orleans last summer,but the deal isn't in place.

In a league dominated by point guards now. Rondo is crucial for the future. Rondo at his best can be in the discussion as best point guard. I think Rondo right now is the best defensive point guard,and maybe the best passing point after Nash. His scoring this off-season must be a high priority for Rondo.You could see some improvements towards the end of the season on his shot.

Without Rondo the Celtics are not a title contender. He gives the Celtics a burst of youth they need. He's also a good chip for future free agents. He will get you the ball if your a scorer. He's the ultimate team player. Rondo gives me hope for a bright future after the Big 3. He's got some room to improve,and I believe in him.

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Reply debz
02:19 AM on June 24, 2011 
i love rondo ;") Nice Read!
Reply shawn cassidy
10:26 PM on June 24, 2011 
Thanks for stopping by and reading the post!

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