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Doc goes out with the Big 3

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 23, 2011 at 11:15 AM

It's been the major storyline since this version of this  Big 3 was put into place. The Window of opportunity has been the key headline with this team. Thankfully in this window the Celtics gave us a dream season in 2008. The Celtics have battled with major injuries since the NBA championship in 2008. It was KG's knee in 2009,and in 2010 a variety of injuries during the course of the regular season,but the Celtics got on track in the playoffs,and the injury  bug struck the Celtics at the wrong time. In game 6 of the NBA finals Perk went down. This season we had the O'neal's out for 75% of the regular season,and the Celtics got another blow in the post season when Wade took Rondo down,and Rondo dis-located his elbow.

The Celtics have been given some bad luck since winning the title. The Celtics shoved it in the critics face in 2010. The Celtics finished the season 50-32. They looked destiny right in the eye,and they beat Lebron James,and they moved on,and beat the defending East champs the Magic. The Celtics made it to the finals in 2010. I think in 2011 when the Celtics went down 0-2 in the Miami series I felt they had a comeback in them.

This is from ESPN:

Celtics coach Doc Rivers tries to get together will all of Boston's returning players during the offseason and revealed Wednesday that he recently had a group dinner with the Big Three of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen. "Sometimes I do it in [groups of] 2's or 3's, but it's always interesting to get those three together," said Rivers. "Single, they’ll say one thing, but when you put them all together it’s easier. [The tough part is that] those three are the toughest to get together in one city. "[We just talked] basketball. I always press on them more than anyone how small the window is for them. They understand, I can tell you that. They were more disappointed. It’s funny we lost a Game 7 [of the NBA Finals in 2010] and I thought the disappointment this year was more in some ways."

I know this group is aware of the window. I know the Big 3's mind says yes,but do the bodies of the Big 3 say no? If we can get the same production next season out of the Big 3 I will be happy. Danny will need to figure out how,and who he can get to help the Big 3. Will both the game 7 loss,and the Miami loss fuel this team even more next season? I think the Celtics saw a Mavs team win,and they felt like it should have been them. It wasn't like the Lakers were they got outed in 4. The Celtics could have been up 3-2 in the Heat series. The Celtics acted like the Heat in the regular season,and not like the Celtics from 2007-2010. Will be talking about this window until this team is blown up,or until they win banner 18.


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