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Danny playing his hand

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 22, 2011 at 11:15 PM

Danny Ainge played the game of basketball with so much fire,and he wanted to win every game. If he wasn't winning titles with the Celtics in the 80's. He played in back to back finals in 92 with the Blazers,and in 93 with the Suns. Danny seemed to be around winning. Danny was bold as a player. He wasn't backing down from any player no matter what size. 

Danny runs the Celtics just like how he  played. He wants to win titles,and he wants to keep the Celtics right at the top. Danny has a short window with the Big 3,but Danny struck gold with a young point guard who can win games,and he's a top point guard in the NBA,and of course I'm talking about Rondo. Rondo has many problems,but knowing how to win isn't one of them. Danny has made bold moves,and he made a flurry of moves in the summer of 2007. It wasn't the summer of love for your older fans out there,but you can call it the summer of rebirth. Ainge stocked up on young talent in his tenure with the Celtics. He never got the right mix of youth to go with Paul Pierce. Danny and the Celtics missed out on the two top picks in the lottery in 2007. Danny knew this was it. Paul was hitting 30,and Danny knew Paul needed a chance with better star power around.

On draft night Danny pulled the trigger on a deal that brought in Ray Allen,and about 6 weeks later. Danny pulled the mega deal. He got us KG.The two moves gave us banner 17. Danny tried to make a franchise changing move this season. He traded Perk,and Celtics nation died a little that day. Perkins had a huge following in Boston,and with his teammates. Danny played his cards,and he lost this one. In the short term it hurt the team,because Shaq never came back,and Jeff Green wasn't James Posey. Danny wasn't willing to fork out the money for Perk,but he felt strong about Green.

The three biggest trades in Danny's career as Celtics GM have been dynamic. All three changed the team forever. On the eve of this years draft Danny had this to say.


"When you’re drafting where we’re drafting, I’m not trying to put a negative spin on this, I’m trying to be realistic, the 25th pick in the draft is probably not going to help us, immediately," Ainge said on Wednesday at the team’s training facility in Waltham. "But there are some players that we think can fit our roster, fit into the personality of our team and have a work ethic that can make our team better in practice and add depth to our roster."

"We don’t want to move next year’s pick to get into this year’s draft," said Ainge. "Because the picks we have aren’t good enough to get to the very very top of the draft and we think next year’s draft will be better." Ainge waited a beat before quipping, "Austin Rivers is in next year’s draft," with the Duke-bound high school phenom's father standing next to him. Ainge, who once got fined by the NBA for sitting next to Kevin Durant's mother at a University of Texas game, emphasized that he was joking. "Wait a minute, I can’t say that."

I have this feeling that Danny makes a splash tomorrow. Danny is also  capeable of justing drafting the best player that remains on the draft board. Danny can package the pick with Avery Bradley. Danny wants this window open longer than the big 3. He doesn't have much trade bait,but Danny worked with nothing in the Ray deal in my opinion. He gave up the 5th pick and and D.West and an old Wally's World.

Danny won't give up next years pick that could be huge in next year's draft. This was brogught up by Chris Manix.

"I think he's talking about moving everybody. I really do," Mannix said of Ainge. "I've had conversations with different people around the league; I would throw Rajon Rondo on that list as well. … He has explored dealing Rajon Rondo in the past. He has talked to other GMs about him in the past. I'm not saying he's been willing to pull the trigger in the past, but Rajon Rondo has been on the table in the past year or so. "This is just something that Danny does. He's not afraid to make the blockbuster deal if he thinks it helps him in the long term. So, I think Danny is absolutely working the phones right now. I think every one of those guys is on the table for a potential deal that he's sure is going to help him.

Danny brought this  up last season that he thought Red should have blown up parts of the Big 3 in the late 80's. Danny seems willing to do so if it truly puts the Celtics in a good place to win now and in the future. Rondo has been thrown around in trade talk for over two years. Rondo and Ray were rumored in the early off season in 2009. Rumored to be on the move to Detroit for Rip and Prince. The deal was dead before it even hit the ground.

I'm not on the side of trading one of the big 4. I just believe Danny needs to find fixes surrounding the big 3. The Celtics should realize yes we could have beat the Heat,but we need a better bench,and next season Rondo hopefully won't go down in a freak accident again. The big 3 need to act like the big 3 if they still have basketball left in them. The major issue seems to be a shortage of bigs. I really hope the mid-level money is still around next season. A team like the Celtics need the contract. I think  Ainge played this right the first time. KG is off the books after this season,and so is Ray Allen. Danny will get cap space. He has the cap space to try and sign a Dwight Howard type free agent.

I'm in favor of trading Ray Allen,and only if we get Ray back from a buyout. Danny is capable of anything. He surprised the hell out of me in 2007,and I'm not sure he can top that. I don't think he needs to top that. He just hopefully keeps this team on pace to win banner 18 .

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Reply celtsfan
12:17 AM on June 23, 2011 
Danny has a big move left in him. He needs to find a team willing to give up on a young guy. Just don't deal one of the big 4.

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