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Rondo shows why he makes us title contenders

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 5, 2012 at 11:20 PM

Rondo had some costly turnovers that make you want to put a paper bag over your head. But towards the end of the second quarter, Rondo dished out three assists in a minute span that gave the Celtics a nine point lead. Rondo somehow found Ray in the corner for a three as time expired off the shot clock, and the next trip down the floor was a fast break with Rondo as the leader, he  found Pierce to his right for a three-point bomb. Rondo on the next trip pulled off a Nash like dish to JO for the thunder dunk. It all  capped  a 16-3 run by the Celtics. 


If Rajon plays with all the aggression in the world the TD Garden would blow up. Rondo is so quick, and his handle on the ball is amazing when he's going at such a high speed. Sometimes I put the recording of the game  in slow motion  because it's the only way I can see Rondo's  true madness. Sometimes Rondo's best pass of the game is a missed layup, or  missed shot by his teammate. It's just not one pass,it could be many missed assist opportunities. Sometimes Rondo's best pass leads to someone else getting the assist. That means Rondo is setting the offense up, and he's getting the ball in the right spot. 


Rondo's biggest strength is studying teammates. I think he knows them better than they know themselves. At times he can find them in the toughest of situations. Rondo can see the future with some of his passing, and the basketball is his crystal ball. Rondo didn't wow us with jumpers, or dives to the rim, but his defensive pressure, and offensive execution painted the picture Sunday afternoon, or in my time zone Sunday morning. 


My favorite quote of the season so far. Without Rondo the Celtics are a playoff team, and with him we're title contenders. Pierce said that about Rondo. Rondo's game is simple, but yet so complex. His turnovers are dumb at times, but a lot of his turnovers come from insane passing that teammates miss handle. Sometimes you need to experiment before you get the right ingredient. Rondo, and the Celtics have what it takes, but putting it all together is the hard part.

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Reply Franklin
01:21 AM on February 06, 2012 
Exactly Shawn!
Reply paul
08:41 AM on February 06, 2012 
I love the point you made here that when Rondo is playing aggressively, he's sometimes so fast people don't even get it that he did anything. I remember once seeing a video of a shark swimming past a reef; it was memorable because you had to actually see the video in slow motion to see that as the shark swam past the reef, it suddenly turned its head and sucked a fish into its mouth from a crevasse in the rock. The shark did this so fast that you literally could not even see it in real time. Rondo is like that. I'm always talking about deflections. He mentioned this, that he gets a lot of deflections after the first game of the season, which made me more aware to look for it. Oftentimes when a teammate comes up with a steal, or a play is broken up, it's because Rondo got a lightning quick hand on the ball. Remember that play against Chicago where he knocked the ball free, on a Rose drive to the basket, so deftly that neither he nor Rose realized that the ball was bouncing around free for a moment? There is a lot to his game that people don't even see.

And then there is the passing. Playing point guard can be such an art, almost a mystical one. When I used to play - I'm not boasting: I was never a good player - I struggled to make the transition from being a short-but-effective post player in one-on-one play to being a shrimpy pg in team play. My teammates would coach me, but even so, for a long time I couldn't grasp the intricacies of it. It really is the hardest position in a lot of ways, I think. Suddenly, one day, and just for one day, I 'got' it. And it was just as you say, Shawn. I could see what was going to happen before it happened. I knew where my teammates would be before they knew. I could throw passes without looking. It was uncanny. Rondo, in my opinion, has that uncanny more than any other player I can recall seeing. I think that is what creeps people out about him. It's like the days of burning witches. What is uncanny frightens people.

Pierce has a lot of that uncanny-ness too. When you watch him you find yourself amazed that this awkward looking guy can score the way he does. There's something about his weird body language that confuses opponents, and about his timing that is so FINE, and there's something about his touch that makes it look like he massages the ball through the net.

I think that's the link between Pierce and Rondo; that they both thrive in a realm that most players don't even know of. But I think it's also perhaps what creates a rivalry between them that sometimes disrupts the team's flow and chemistry. Sometimes Pierce has to look at Rondo thinking, man, this guy is even more uncanny than I am!! But when those two guys click together, it's real magic. We aren't the most young, or athletic, or powerful team in the league, but we can be the most uncanny.
Reply Perry S
10:34 AM on February 06, 2012 
DAMN Paul! You took the words out of my mouth. He knows players, he studies were Ray will be, and how KG wants to get the ball. But he can learn that about any player. Him, and Wilcox yesterday was prof.
Reply paul
11:32 AM on February 06, 2012 
Perry S says...
DAMN Paul! You took the words out of my mouth. He knows players, he studies were Ray will be, and how KG wants to get the ball. But he can learn that about any player. Him, and Wilcox yesterday was prof.

Wasn't that Rondo-Wilcox connection great? Those two guys just got into sync with each other for a five minute stretch that I think basically won the game for us.





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