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Celtics by the numbers: Rebounding leads to victory for the Celtics

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 5, 2012 at 10:15 PM

The Defensive numbers

  • The Celtics have been on top of every defensive category during this great stretch of games (8-1 record). When the Celtics hold teams to 40%  shooting. The Celtics usually win. This morning the Celtics held the Grizz to 36.8% shooting.
  • It's more of the same with three-point shooting. The Celtics in years past have given up a lot of three's. This season has been a different story. The C's forced the Grizz to take bad three-point shots. Memphis shot 21.4% shooting for the game. Missing eleven three's out of fourteen tries.
  • The Celtics have held teams bellow 80 during this solid stretch of Celtics basketball. Today's game the Grizzlies only scored 80 points.
  • The Celtics beat the young athletic Grizz on the glass 45-38. I am sure that if Z-BO played the game may have been closer, and on the glass. But the Celtics won the glass, and the game, and that's what matters.
  • Jermaine two block, and seven boards in 26 minutes. Solid game from JO. I think a lot of what JO gives the Celtics doesn't show on the stat sheet. 

The Offensive numbers

  • Rondo with 14 assists against the Grizzlies. That's a solid sign in Rajon's second game back. He got many of the assists by taking the ball to the rim, and dishing out. That's Rondo at his best.
  • Because of Rondo the Celtics had one of their best passing games of the season. The team had 28 assists on 36 makes. That's exactly what you want from your offense. That means the ball is moving, and the is in the right hands.
  •  The bench without Bass scored 32 points. Wilcox,and Johnson dominated for the Celtics off the bench. Great sign for the Celtics to get production from two bigs that don't see the most time. Wilcox had 12 from 5/5 shooting, and Johnson had 10 points.
  • C's shot 49.3% for the game. That's always a key number for the Celtics when they win. The combination of assists, and field goal percentage mean something for the Celtics.
  • KG (24 points), and Pierce (21 points) combine for 45 points. The big three as a whole scored 57 points.
  • C's 19/21 from the charity stripe. Not a bad number attempts wise.
  • Rondo only  had 5 points, but the team was rolling, and he didn't need to score. I also believe it's  just his second game back, and he did a lot, and he looked great otherwise.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
07:43 AM on February 06, 2012 
I loved reading that KG said we are a 'work in progress'. I hope he means that, because the tough part of the schedule lies ahead. But beating weaker teams (I say weaker about Memphis because of their injuries) handily is a good sign.





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