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Celtics Morning Joe: With the recent JO injury, the Celtics need to add a center

Posted by shawn cassidy on February 5, 2012 at 5:30 AM

I think the Celtics have gotten a lot out of JO this season. I don't think he should be a starting center, but compared to last season, JO has been a solid performer. The biggest concern with JO is health. When he's healthy JO will add some scoring, and some decent defense. I think the chance that JO lasts all season is slim. He's finally missing games, and with the recent JO injury news I think the Celtics should be looking for something. The Celtics won't go to Greg Steamroller,and Wilcox is coming along, but he also battles injuries.

I think the Celtics have a good one two punch with KG, and Bass, but the Celtics need a third big if JO is out, and if Wilcox can't perform. I think Wilcox will bring it. The rookie Johnson is not ready, and I don't even think about it. So how do the Celtics get a center? No blockbuster needed when looking for a center. Do the Celtics wait for a buyout? Should they look into trading a player,or two for a center? I'm not asking for the greatest center on the planet, but I would like to see a solid center who will last throughout the season. I would like to avoid a trade. If you asked me at the start of the season. I would have said trade Bradley, or Moore to get a big if it was needed. Now I don't want to see a deal in any form. What should the Celtics do? Look for a trade. or look for a buyout? The Celtics would have to waive a player to sign anyone.

In case you missed yesterday

O'Neal played 19 minutes, 37 seconds in Friday's win over the New York Knicks, but only 12 seconds in the fourth quarter. Rivers admitted O'Neal looked a little slow out of the gates, but suggested he would have been able to return.

"Early on, you could see, I thought he was moving slow," said Rivers. "But he was ready to come in at the end of the game. He did well for us [in the second half]. He does his job. His productivity, if you go by the numbers, you’ll be fooled a little bit -- he does a pretty good job for us."

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Reply paul
06:11 AM on February 05, 2012 
Jermaine would be a fantastic backup center. As a starter, he's ridiculous. But I don't know how the Celtics can pick up a center now without trading Rondo, which - of course - appears to be exactly what many fans are screaming for.

I think the solution has been shown by Bradley, who seems to be a bit of defensive genius. By raising their fullcourt defensive intensity, and substituting freely to keep legs and arms fresh, the Celtics substitute energy on the perimeter for height and power in the middle. One cannot emphasize enough how effing ridiculous this situation is. Danny traded away our starting center who anchored our team in the paint.

Rondo did a great job on Friday of picking up on the Honey Badger defense. No one amongst the fans or media seems to have noticed, but without sacrificing his gambling/free safety approach, he managed to play much tougher d on his man when he had the ball, sometimes extending it full-court, and while he only was credited with 2 steals, he had about ten deflections. This is an unheralded, but very important aspect of Rondo's game. In one case Rondo poked the ball away and even threw himself to the floor trying to get it. Still, Rondo failed to close on his man at times when he was caught out of position. He's got to raise his defensive intensity more while raising his intensity on offense too, realizing that one feeds the other, and if he gets winded, he needs a breather.

The bottom line is that Bradley has pointed the way. We can substitute energy on the perimeter for power in the paint. Meanwhile, let's work hard with Stiemsma. If Stiemsma can improve his position defense any, he seems to be someone who has real potential, and he seems to be a willing learner.
Reply Franklin
09:54 AM on February 05, 2012 
Power in tha paint, yes Paul. The Celtics should focus on Greg,and utlize the back court on defensive ball pressure.
Reply jlil89
11:48 AM on February 05, 2012 
Just read on Boston Herald that JO is in but Bass is out due to a swollen left knee. An eye for eye. On good note we will probably get to see JJJ get some minutes. Let's hope for a phenomial performance from him!





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