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Some thoughts about the Celtics record

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 7, 2012 at 6:35 PM

Some quotes from Doc

“Well, we’re 0-for against quality opponents,” said Rivers . “But again, it’s eight games into the year, so I’m not going to overdo that.”

“Listen, we’re a 4-4 basketball team. That’s what we are,” said Rivers (via ESPN Boston). “You are what your record is; Don’t make no mistake about that. I mean, one of the guys said, ‘Hey, that’s alright, we’re better than that.’ And I said, ‘No we’re not. You’re what your record says you are. And you always have the ability to do something about that.’ But right now, Indiana’s a 5-2 team and we’re a 4-4 team. And make no mistake: That’s who we are. That’s not who we want to be, and that’s not who we’re going to be, hopefully, but right now that’s who we are.”


The problem with the Celtics is not old age. I don't see the age factor with this team yet,or at all. Ray Allen owns father time,and Pierce looks just fine,and he's coming back from a heel injury. KG looks stronger each game,and last night he had the two vintage KG dunks. The Celtics don't know who they are anymore. What's the offensive focus for  the Celtics? I don't know,and I'm not sure they know either. We have been told that this team belongs to Rondo,but I don't buy into that. I feel like his art is restricted. Rajon should be  attacking the rim 8/10 times down the court,and the offense should work off Rondo kicking the ball  out after heading to the rim,or pick and roll with Garnett. So many problems,but how does Doc fix them,and can he fix them? Some of the same problems the Celtics face from past seasons . They can't rebound the basketball,and that's a major problem. 




Doc touched on the Celtics  4-4 start this season,and this is something that usually happens later on in the season for the Celtics. The Celtics have started every Big three season on fire. The Celtics defense has slightly improved,but the offense doesn't know what it wants. If you can remember last season for the Miami Heat they couldn't beat the good teams,and they started out 8-7 in their first 15 games. In other parts of last year the Heat had a five game losing streak,and they also had a four game losing streak. We know that it's different circumstances,but the Heat had the same issues the C's have this season. The Heat had a new team,and they had no clue how to run their offense,but when playoff time came it all fell in to place. We know last season the Celtics fell apart after their great start,and that was because they had  new team as well. The Celtics again have many new players,but more than that if they can figure out how to give this team to Rondo,and let him drive this bike without the training wheels. Then the Celtics will be in much better shape. Does it solve everything? I said in another post it doesn't correct everything because the Celtics have major issues with rebounding. I like the bench,and even more when Pietrus plays. The Celtics have the talent old or young. The next four days could define the season,or it could be just another break that fixes nothing.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
10:58 PM on January 07, 2012 
I feel like a lot of fans just don't get it that the 2008 Celtics are not walking through that door. Instead, what we have are a team with potential, and a lot of confusion and uncertainty, but potential for real synergy between young and old.

And it starts with Rondo. How many times does Doc have to say 'I want Rondo getting ten free throws a game', or 'I want Rondo to be The Aggressor' and so on? Why does Rondo appear to willfully ignore this? How can we hope to get better if our best player would rather be a golf caddy?





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