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The color green feels so blue

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 7, 2012 at 3:05 AM


Some where in Boston a kid tuned into his first Celtics game,and another kid went to his first Celtics game live at the Garden. They both have a Rondo jersey on,and the energy from their smiles light up the garden. For two plus hours the two young Celtics newcomers would not understand the Celtics mystique,and they would not understand the pride of this franchise. What they would gather from last nights game would be a team out of touch,and a team that didn't know who it was anymore. The team played like a teenager trying to find it's self. It was disgusting at times,and it was actually pretty amazing at times. The Celtics held the Pacers to 18% shooting in the first quarter,and the Celtics offense was flowing,but the rim was playing a cruel joke on the Celtics. 


For new fans watching for the first time last night I am sorry you had to watch that. You can rest assure that this team could find a way. This franchise is still the greatest in league history. I have not got to the point were I write this team off. It's a weird season,and  with the shorter camp,and with  the shorter regular season,and with  the games so compacted it opens up another box for a lot of teams. I get the funny feeling that the Celtics seem to be waiting for the playoffs,but another odd feeling I get is that I'm really wrong about that. 


The Celtics want this to be Rondo's team,but it's not. How can he take it when it's not being handed over? Does  Rondo do it  by force? I think the first step could be giving him team captain honors. He could be co-captain with Pierce right? That may not sound like a big deal,but maybe it is. I'm hungry for the Rondo from the 2010 playoff run. I'm not sure he'll come back. Its inside Rondo like a hibernating bear. The problems seem to be bigger than handing the team over to Rondo. The front court seems stuck on the ground. The rebounding is gross,and the Celtics can't win with numbers they put up almost every game. The Celtics have four days to find what's wrong,or their to stubborn and think nothings wrong. The Celtics are not title contenders this season,but that doesn't mean they can't be, It's a short list in the East. It's Miami,and Chicago,and out West it's wide open. I think it's OKC as the majority,but even that isn't a sure bet. The Celtics will be tested in the next give games,and this lose to the Pacers can be erased.  

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Reply Franklin
12:14 PM on January 07, 2012 
Yeah sounds like some of it is that the team uses Rondo as the leader,but they don't actually let him. Doc should tell him to go nuts with this team,and I don't think he does.
Reply paul
06:14 PM on January 07, 2012 
I love the idea of making Rondo co-captain. This situation is frustrating. It's not like Rondo really taking charge will solve all our problems. But the team feeds of his energy and NEEDS that. And the thing is, we may not win a championship with Rondo in the lead, but we are GOING NOWHERE AT ALL LIKE THIS, with Rondo dragging behind like a sick cat.
Reply paul
06:16 PM on January 07, 2012 
Franklin says...
Yeah sounds like some of it is that the team uses Rondo as the leader,but they don't actually let him. Doc should tell him to go nuts with this team,and I don't think he does.

Yeah. It's like Pierce can't help himself. Same with Garnett. These guys want Rondo to Rise, but they can't help but keep blocking him.

The thing about Doc is that he keeps telling Rondo that he wants Rondo to take over, but then he keeps harping on about flawless execution, which is the same as telling Rondo to retreat into his shell. It's a mixed message.





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