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The Celtics saved this team when they traded Big BABY

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 5, 2012 at 9:20 PM

Pierce spoke about the immature attitudes last season with the Celtics bench. I think the finger was pointed at Glen Davis. Sometime last season Glen Davis had a falling out with his team,and it was noticed on the floor. The Celtics,and Ainge made up their mind once the season ended,and I believe Davis felt the same way. Davis had dreams of being the top player on a team,and when you have Rondo,and the big three you know the chance is not their. I think Baby has a lot of issues with his mind set of the game,and his reality of the role he needs to play. Baby lost touch once Perk was traded. His role was updated,and Baby became the second best big on the Celtics last season. The same problem has followed Baby in Orlando. 

It appears that new acquisition Glen Davis has a ways to go before he fits in with the Orlando Magic offense.

After Davis made just two of his 10 shot attempts in the Magic's 103-85 win over the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night, coach Stan Van Gundy indicated that he and Davis aren't on the same page — at least not yet.

"He's not playing well, and I'm not sure his mind's on the right things right now," Van Gundy said. "What we need him to do is defend, which he has done pretty well, rebound better than he's rebounding and move the ball and set screens.

"We'll keep working at it," Van Gundy added later. "I've seen the guy play very well. He's a good player. He's a smart guy. He should be able to figure it out. Sometimes it takes time."

Part of what concerns Van Gundy is that Davis is attempting a majority of his shots away from the hoop. Van Gundy said that 50 percent of Davis' shots last season were inside of 12 feet; so far this year, 65 percent of Davis' shots are outside 12 feet.

You cannot teach size.Baby has bulk,and he used that wisely in years past,but he is becoming a volume shooter. Baby also has issues rebounding,and that is no surprise he's undersized. Ainge made a sound move, and it shines every game when Bass hits the court. Can you imagine were the Celtics would be right now without Bass? Would the Celtics be 4-3 with Baby off the bench? Bass has been the biggest impact off the bench since James Posey in 2008. I think Bass has impacted the  Celtics  this season even more than Posey did in 2008. Bass has been important because the Celtics have an aged KG,and the front court has question marks with the health of JO,and we don't know if Greg can give the Celtics a punch in big games. The Celtics made an awful trade last season that killed the team. But Ainge made a move to patch up the wound when Bass was brought in,and Davis was sent out.  



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Reply Franklin
10:41 PM on January 05, 2012 
Baby became too much to handle. It always seemed that Baby wanted more once he started for the injured in the 2009 playoffs.
Reply paul
11:24 PM on January 05, 2012 
Baby for Bass is looking like an alltime great move.





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