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The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly: Game 6 of the season against the Wizards

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 3, 2012 at 12:55 AM

The Good

The Celtics won a back-to-back. I know it was the Wizards,but you also know the Celtics could have easily lost tonight. The Celtics stayed focused,and alert. The big three looked sharp. Pierce had his best game so far in his third game back,and Ray had one of his best shooting games in the short season. He's had many brilliant games so far this season. KG didn't score 24 points,but he was active passing the ball,and we could have had a few more rebounds from Garnett,but he looked solid out there. With the slow start for the Celtics. I look at one game at a time,and I hope they don't jump ahead.

Greg Stiemsma was another bright spot of course. Can he give the Celtics the same kind of game again? I think he has it in him to do so. It looked natural for him,and that's what I see,and that's what I want to see from him. Greg will be needed in this long NBA season.

The Bad


I decided to put Bradley above the ugly. He listened to Paul,and he played defense. It wasn't against Wall,but he still played good defense,but he can't score,and he's careless with the ball. He's not great on defense overall,but he's good. When Pietrus hits the lineup, Bradley will be long gone in the rotation.

The Ugly

I love the Celtics ball movement,but the turnovers must stop. Boston is number seven in the league with over 16 a game. But Miami is also tied with the Celtics with the same amount per game. So is it the end of the world? No,but the Celtics should take care of the ball,and it concerns me.


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Reply paul
08:16 AM on January 03, 2012 
If Bradley plays good d, as I heard he did last night, he can have a long career. To have someone you can put in on a hot guard can be big. And for Rondo too, it seems important to remember that playing solid D on your man is always a good foundation for the rest of your game, even if it doesn't grab headlines as much. For two games Wall didn't go nuts. I know Wall has struggled this season anyway, but I feel sure he'll break out, and I think Bradley and Rondo working hard to make sure it wasn't against us contributed more to us winning than anything.

The team seemed sluggish, and Rondo seemed unwilling to attack (no FTs), but both the Big Three and Rondo seemed able to turn up the heat a bit when it was needed. We really didn't see this on back-to-backs last year. Doc MUST keep playing the young ones. Bass. Stiemsma. Dooling. Burn the doghouse down for this season, Doc!

If Stiemsma continues to play well and get better, I think Doc should be willing to start him. I still think that JO really should be coming off the bench. I swear, if there is one thing I love about Danny, it's his ability to find underappreciated players.

What we saw last night, I think, was the Celtics struggle once again against a motivated, young, athletic team. Had it been the Heat, of course we'd have been crushed, right? Aggressive Rondo is the x-factor that turns our veteran cohesion and smarts into a deadly brew. The problem seems to be that he has a hard time playing the kind of D one expects from the guy who has been chosen as the best defensive player at his position for two years running, while also turning up the aggression on the offensive end.
Reply paul
08:18 AM on January 03, 2012 
Basically, I'd prefer to see Rondo playing fewer minutes, but at a higher level of intensity when he is actually on the court.
Reply jlil89
10:49 AM on January 03, 2012 
I would agree with that. Partially because I don't have a problem at all with Dooling on the court. Give Rondo some rest while he nails in a three or two.





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