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The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly: Game 5 of the season against theWizards

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 1, 2012 at 10:30 PM

The Good

Rondo woke up this morning,and  he decided to show up and play.Rondo was showing so much confidence that he  was actually  trying to draw contact from his defender. It's amazing when Rondo has games like these you know he can do it 9/10 times. I have said in the past it's art. Performances like this get me out of bed in the morning. Rondo makes the game look so easy. But yo know it's hard,and that's apart of his art.

KG give me some more of that please. Five games into the season,and Garnett finally find something. He had his first two dunks of the season. KG still didn't look 100% from last seasons KG,but much better.

The Wizards shot  28.2 percent (11-of-39) in the first half. And despite building a 17-point halftime cushion behind arguably their best 24 minutes of defense of the season, the Celtics tossed it in the trash in the third. The defense seems to be back,but until we play a title contender again. I will determine where the Celtics are on defense.

The Bad

The Celtics did win the game,and they didn't lose the lead completely,but I always feel a little weird after the Celtics take a 20 point lead. The Celtics took care of business,but it's always a concern with the Celtics.


Another high turnover (16)game for the Celtics. Not going to work against the Bulls,and Heat of the world. I'm sure some of that was the bench right? No it was the starting unit. Pierce/KG/Rondo had three apiece. The Celtics need to take care of the basketball.


The Ugly

Bradley with some floor time,and nothing to show for it. Not even defensive hustle. Doc's giving him time. You can't say he's not. I have never been in love with Bradley. I knew something was wrong when Danny made comparisons to Joe Dumars.I'm just not seeing it yet.

The injury bug JO might be hurt short-term,or long-term at this point we don't know. My guess he sits out tomorrow against the Wizards. Let's hope this is nothing.

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Reply paul
11:59 PM on January 01, 2012 
I sympathize with Rondo when he says that you can't play brilliantly every night. I remember only one time in my basketball history when I really played point guard well, and I can never hope to explain why that one night everything clicked. There was something almost preternatural about it.

That said, if Rondo hopes to be the top pg in the league, he has to produce like he did tonight on a more regular basis. As I see it, it all started with defense. Wall got his numbers, but Rondo seemed to stick to him a lot more than he did to Jarrett Jack. Rondo controlled the game. Wall did not. If Rondo could do that every game, it would give him a strong foundation to build his entire game on. Just start by locking down your opposite number as well as you can, Rondo. You might not get as many steals, but your overall game would be better.

Tonight Rondo did a brilliant job of taking what the defense gave him. In fact, the defense he was facing gave so much that it was a bit of a smorgasbord at times. Monday night, I think the Wizards will adjust, and Rondo will have to force the issue a bit more. Instead of sitting back and choosing, he'll have to attack a bit more, pushing the defense off balance, instead of just choosing its weak spots.

The little bit of Bradley I saw in highlights was unimpressive. He allowed Wall to run the floor on one play, not picking him up until almost the foul line. That in itself was foul!
Reply Franklin
12:17 AM on January 02, 2012 
Bradley ugh! I think I may have given up hope.
Reply paul
02:22 AM on January 02, 2012 
Franklin says...
Bradley ugh! I think I may have given up hope.

We'll see tomorrow night. He's got to stay on top of Wall more. You can't let Wall run the length of the floor before you pick him up for goodness sake.





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