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C's close to signing Green

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 2, 2012 at 3:30 AM
Sam Amick of SI,and DA of NBA.com report that the Celtics are close to re-signing Green. I wouldn't mind Green back at all, but for 9 million or less. It would be a crime if Green made more than Rondo. In this market Green is a good signing. I like Green over Bass as a signing. Bass is a poor rebounder,and that really turns me off. I would love to use Green as a sign and trade for Josh Smith, but that may not be an option.

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Reply Richard
04:02 AM on July 02, 2012 
Green for 9 million, no thanks.
Reply Greg
04:31 AM on July 02, 2012 
Bring him back. He's a better option than Mayo.
Reply paul
06:57 AM on July 02, 2012 
It makes me sick to think of us paying 9 million for Green, but it looks like maybe we have no choice. I'd say he's probably a better option than any of the free agents we are hearing about.

And to think we are paying KG and Rondo 11 million a piece. Those guys really do it for the team, I have to say. And folks who talk about Rondo's team-friendly contract should, I think, remember that he could probably demand a regotiation/extension at this point. Instead, I'd guess that he's working hard on his game. It's amazing to think about, given the constant trade threats he too has had to deal with.

Anyway, we need Green, so let's hope this goes through, and quickly.
Reply paul
07:21 AM on July 02, 2012 
Sheesh. According to Green Street, Jeff Green may be looking for ten million per year, or possibly more. Wow. This explains why the Big Three approach is becoming so dominant in the NBA. No team can afford to pay strong role players. Even with our best players making Big Sacrifices, we are still looking at having a tough time signing role players. Ten million?

And what makes this so perverse is that these players just finished basically showing their bellies to the owners during the Lockout, and coughing up a massive amount of money. But as soon as free agency comes, most of them are demanding more money than ever. Suddenly the price of a journeyman is the same as the price for an all star. It just amazes me that these players, who were so weak collectively, and basically coughed up a huge amount of money with little fight, when negotiating collectively, are raging for cash now, squeezing the stone for every penny. I guess, as the stone gets smaller, they squeeze harder.




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