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Who gets traded after the lockout? Part 2

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 6, 2011 at 1:44 AM

This is part 2 if you missed part 1 here is the link (PART 1)

We will see some trades after the lockout. Will they be the players rumored over the summer? I think their will always be a strong chance that some rumors are real. So who are the final players on the block this summer.

Lamar Odom- He seems to be the hardest Laker to shop. He's got a circus around him 24/7. It was rumored his TV show shut down a few trades. The Lakers want to get better,but what about the highest cap in the NBA right now. The cap structure will change,and if it does. Odom will be out of tinsel town fast. Lamar could be the Lakers first choice on the trade block,but the Lakers have also shopped Gasol. I think the Lakers biggest strength in their mini title run will come to an end. The three seven footers will be broken up in some form.

Chirs Kaman- The other LA team has been shopping Kaman for awhile after Chris has played under par after his nice contract a few years ago. Of course a good chunk has been caused by injury. The Clippers are in build around Griffin mode,and they should be. I still doubt the Clippers change the fortune or direction of the franchise. They still have the worst NBA owner,and his track record speaks for himself.I don't know who wants Kaman,but the Clippers will keep shopping him . I believe the Clippers will have to hold on to Chris.

OJ Mayo and Rudy Gay- Which player moves on? It's clear the Grizzly will lose one of them. Mayo will be the likely choice. Gasol is the main priority for the Grizz. They will have to trade Mayo to keep costs low,and to give Gasol a good contract.Rudy Gay is coming off an injury,and he's got four more years on a large contract. Mayo has two years remaining on his contract. I can see many teams going after Mayo. I think out of any player he will be moved. He was almost traded on the deadline,but the deal was past the cut off time.

Rip Hamilton- Any takers? He's got two more years on his contract with both years over 12 million. He's not the same player,but he can still ball. Rip was rumored to be a buyout last season,but it didn't happen. He was also rumored recently in a deal that would have sent him to Cleveland. I think in the end the Pistons will buy him out. Nobody wants to trade for Rip,and his bad contract.

Antawn Jamison & Baron Davis-Jamison will be another hard contract to move. He only has one season to go on his deal,but it's for 15 million. He will have to be a buyout option,and if he wants one more crack at a title. It could be his only chance. As for Davis he's been a shell of himself after leaving Golden state. He's got two years remaining on a bad deal. He's owed over 13 million this season and 14 million in his final year. I really don't see anyone trading for either player.

Stay Tunned for Part 3!


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