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Fact or Fiction: The Celtics should consider trading Ray Allen

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 6, 2011 at 2:30 AM

The thought of trading Allen at the deadline in the 2009-10 season  almost gave me a panic attack,and I have never,ever had a panic attack. I could understand the thought of trading Ray during that time. Let's face it the Celtics looked dead in the water at the trade deadline in 2010. Thankfully Ray wasn't moved out,and the Celtics put the critics to bed in 2010 even if the Celtics  lost in the finals.


Ray Allen re-signed for two years last summer for 10 million a year. With Ray entering his last season on his deal what's the point in trading Ray? Their isn't a real reason. What can the C's get in return. Ray is in top shape at age 36,and he's the best three-point shooter in the game,and he's still in the top ten at shooting guard. Ray can still take the ball to the hole,and he's able to create his own shot when he needs to. Just like his old buddy who he passed in the record books Reggie Miller. Miller  played productive until he was 38. Ray Allen is number two on the Celtics in minutes played.


Ray's minutes should come down,but who knows. Ray has certainly beaten the odds,but what do you expect from an NBA great? Ray isn't Michael Jordan,but Jordan retired at 35 after leading the Bulls to their 6th title. Jordan could have easily played longer,and he came back in 2001,and he was solid at age 40.


This is what the gang at ESPN think.

Hayes Davenport, Celtics Hub: Fiction. Consider everyone, but the Celtics should leave open the possibility that Ray would re-sign for a year if they land a big free agent next offseason. With a Dwight Howard type underneath, he'd be a nightmare on the wing. Physical conditioning isn't a concern: Allen is cut like American entitlement programs. Let's wait and see how far he can go.

Ryan DeGama, Celtics Hub: Fiction. Allen gives Boston great floor spacing, routinely knocks down the league's most emotionally devastating 3 balls and has a great contract that expires right in time for the 2012 free-agent class. He's too valuable to unload for anything but the kind of player Ainge can't get for him to begin with.

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston: Fiction. Basketball players -- especially jump shooters -- are supposed to be declining at age 36, but Allen is ageless and posted career highs for field goal (49.1) and 3-point (44.4) percentages last season, the latter of which was a franchise record.

Brendan Jackson, Celtics Hub: Fiction. Aside from the strategic implications of losing the Celtics' biggest 3-point threat, his contract makes it pretty hard to get equal value in return. Trading Allen also likely will signify the end of the Celtics' current title run. A hard pill for Celtics Nation to swallow.

Brian Robb, Celtics Hub: Fiction. Trading Allen, who set a franchise record in 3-point shooting percentage last season, would be foolish. The shooting guard is still one of the top 10 players at his position. Boston's offense is dependent on spacing and shooting, and getting rid of Allen for what likely would be an uneven return would close the door on Boston's championship prospects.

Link here

Ray Allen would be vital in an offense that would feature Rondo,and Howard. I don't care,but if Howard comes to Boston. I don't care how old the big three are. They will be able to impact this team as role players with Rondo,and Howard.  The thought of a big five in the 2012-13 season gives me goosebumps.Let's face it will never get anyone in return that's better than Ray,


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Reply paul
07:27 AM on September 06, 2011 
Pierce and Rondo should be untouchable. KG and Allen should be virtually untouchable. Now let's go get Howard.
Reply celtsfan
02:19 PM on September 06, 2011 
paul says...
Pierce and Rondo should be untouchable. KG and Allen should be virtually untouchable. Now let's go get Howard.

I hope your right. Even if Howard is traded. It doesn't mean he will sign a deal with the team he was traded to.
Reply paul
08:24 PM on September 06, 2011 
Celtsfan, I think we have to have a very good shot at attracting Howard, for a lot of reasons, but above all because I think we have a situation, with players and coaching staff, and especially Rondo, where he can truly fulfill his potential, maximizing it.





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