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Ainge likes Rondo-Bradley backcourt for the future

Posted by shawn cassidy on March 20, 2013 at 6:30 AM

Within the dread of the moment. Things could be worse without Rondo. The Celtics future is hidden currently beneath an incredible run. One big thing is missing, and for most Rondo fans they fear that he'll be shipped out. Among the vast forests of the world.

Mystery's are all around. Is it a mystery when it comes to Rondo's future in Boston? The future is waiting among the depths of the ocean, or it feels that way. In my life when I was lost and trudging along. With no shoulder to lean and nowhere to go. I came out of those tough times a better person.I hope for the same with Rondo when he comes back from a major injury.

Everyone has a destiny to find. Looking into Rondo's eyes from a television screen. It's clear that he's found his calling. I think it's leading the Celtics to another banner. You are all I ever wanted, and all I need in a basketball player. I can feel the game within me in every beat and in every breathe. Not every player makes you feel apart of the action that way. It takes a special player to do that.

A future bright filled with love. I hope that's what Rondo gets in his return. I think it's clear to me that Ainge is sticking with Rondo. I have come to terms on this front. As long as Rondo is a Celtic. He'll be apart of trade rumors. That's what it has become. Ainge has made that bed, and as they say, you know..


Floated that scenario during a call to Boston sports radio WBZ-FM (98.5 the SportsHub), Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge brushed off the suggestion while stressing how much the team likes the Rondo-Avery Bradley backcourt combination moving forward.

"I don’t know what you're insinuating because Avery is not Rondo and Avery can also play 2 guard with Rondo and those guys have been extremely effective together," Ainge said. "I know that we haven’t had them together much this year and I think that Rajon loves playing with Avery Bradley for a lot of different reasons. I think that combination last year proved to be spectacular, they just didn’t get a chance to get together much this year, so it's a little bit unfair."


The young duo never got a fair shake this season. Bradley didn't play until January 2nd. Rondo went down three weeks later. Ainge was asked more directly if he'd think about trading Rondo or Bradley in the offseason given the way his team has performed without their All-Star. 

"I can’t envision any scenario, no," Ainge said. "I love those guys, where Rondo is right in the prime of his career, and Avery's not even there yet, he's continuing to get better. I think they are a great guard combination and to ever consider doing something like that, it would have to be something significant."

I think a concern of mine would be Bradley's head, or ego. Can he work with Rondo again, and I guess you could say that of Rondo. But with Bradley gaining confidence. I wonder if they'll clash? I think it's unlikely that it would happen. But things  happen. I think next season will play out better than this season when it comes to the Celtics back court. I also wonder what happens with Crawford, and Williams,and we still have Terry, and Lee. The good news is that the Celtics can turn some of that talent into something better, or they can fix a  need like adding a quality big man.

I sit here, dreaming of the future. A bright, beautiful future with Rondo and Bradley locking  up some of the best back courts in the game. Rondo can play defense. So get any notion out of your head that he can't.  In reality we face  a possible failure. A Brutal, treacherous failure awaits the Celtics if both guys clash when Rondo returns next season.

That bright, beautiful future feels as though it's slipping away seamlessly like it was never even a possibility. But I also believe it needs to work. It's not every day you can have a top back court like this. As Danny said Bradley isn't even in his prime. I believe in the future, and I hope it believe in itself.

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Reply paul
06:48 AM on March 20, 2013 
Great great words from Danny. FINALLY Danny is making some commitments. Finally. And I appreciate it, Shawn, that you have the insight to see the questions about Bradley. Rondo's ego isn't the only one in question. What about the sainted, worshipped Bradley's ego? Might that be a problem, now that he may feel that he, in his sainted greatness, managed to shove Rondo to the curb? These two could be great together, but so could Pierce and Rondo have been great together, but those two egos just could never find 'the truth' together. They had moments, but they just couldn't find a way to play together consistently. Can Bradley and Rondo learn to play together? Can they get their egos to work together?
Reply Greg
11:22 AM on March 20, 2013 
Bradley is still young enough to mold,Pierce was an old dog who couldn't learn new tricks..
Reply paul
11:48 AM on March 20, 2013 
Greg says...
Bradley is still young enough to mold,Pierce was an old dog who couldn't learn new tricks..

I hope you are right, Greg, but I wonder how Bradley will turn out with Terry molding him, whispering and cackling in his ear!