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Celtics Morning Joe: Deal? Also Magic Johnson 20 years later

Posted by shawn cassidy on November 8, 2011 at 8:00 AM

For me the next couple of days will make,or break the NBA season. If all the noise is true,and if all the signs point to a divide by both sides. Some  owners want the 50/50 split on the BRI,and some don't. Some NBA players want a deal,and some want more than 50%. I think a deal getting done in the next two days is 50/50 as well. Just like politics there could be a great divide. At this point I just want a deal. If the deal is really 51%,or 50%. The players should just end the lockout. I have spoken my peace about the lockout many times. This will be the best offer out there for the players. Missing out on a deal this week doesn't mean the end,but it could prolong the lockout longer than it should. I don't see a deal being done  if the players reject the 51%. Going down to 47% won't cut it for the players. My gut feeling is the players take the deal.

Stay tunned for more!

Just like everyone else I was surprised when Magic walked away from basketball. What I remember most had to be some players freaked out thinking they could get HIV. The awareness was brought out after Magic went public. The perception changed after the nation found out more about HIV,and you can thank Magic for that. His story was magical after his retirement. He ended the game on top,and played on dream team one.


Twenty years to the day after shocking and saddening the world by announcing his retirement after contracting the HIV virus, Earvin "Magic" Johnson had reason to smile Monday."God is good," Johnson said, speaking in front of a group of friends, family and media members on the Staples Center floor. "Here I am 20 years later. Wow. What a blessing."

Johnson used the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his HIV announcement to present a $1 million check to the Magic Johnson Foundation, raised by 40 philanthropists close to Johnson who pledged $25,000 apiece.

"I've always been a leader my whole life," Johnson said. "I've always led. I didn't know how to do anything else. I never thought I had to lead in the HIV and AIDS community and be the face of the disease that is deadly and kills somebody ... When God said this is how you're going to lead today, I didn't look back. I took it. And I'm happy I've been the face of this disease. The only problem is I would be happier if the numbers (affected by the disease) in the black and brown community would go down.


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1 Comment

Reply paul
08:16 AM on November 08, 2011 
I'd like to see the players decertify the union. I don't see how it is so important to have a season. Isn't there a contradiction at work here? When we cheer for our players on the basketball court, the one thing we don't want to see them do is break down in the face of adversity, right? But in the real world, we are demanding that they do precisely that. I'm sorry, but I'm not interested in continuing to root for a bunch of wimps. The players should act like adults, stand up to the owners and decertify the union, resetting the whole process. In the vernacular, I would say, HAVE SOME ***ING ****S, PLAYERS!!!





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