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Which member of the Big 4 would you be? Personality test

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 9, 2011 at 10:36 AM

Who are you as a person? I guess the real question I have is what kind of personality do you have compared to one of the big 4. Who do you act like the most? Let's start with Rondo.


He never seems  out of is element on the floor. A cool face,and he's always poised in every situation. Rondo ranks high on the confidence meter. He won't back down from any challenge. It could be guarding Lebron James,or it could be jumping and banging inside the paint for a rebound. He's small in stature,but he's got heart. Just not any heart a huge heart. He believes in his ability,and was never detoured when Danny would bring in guys like Cassell or Marbury. He's grown nicely into the leader role,and he's become more vocal. You will never see Rondo taunt anyone,or you won't see him make any movements or gestures after a big shot. He's put his body on the line every night. He endured a major injury in the Miami series,but he sucked it up,and he just wanted to win. Is this you? Do you not get over excited,are you a calm person in your every day life?



Ray Allen is a true professional,and a class act 100% of the way. He's honest about his team,and he comes in early to work everyday. Ray has never ran from a big moment,and he's never overwhelmed by the moment. Ray has hit so many big shots in the Big 3 era,and you can expect him to hit game winner after game winner. Ray usually shows a lot of emotion after a big shot,or game winning shot. Ray also does his cool little hand gesture after he hits a 3. Ray won't get into anyone's face,but he won't back down if pushed. You can catch Ray pulling back KG or Paul in a heated moment. Ray seems like a humble guy,and he's big on his family life. He's well-respected for being nice,but nice doesn't mean he doesn't want to tear your heart out on the court. Are you like Ray Allen?



KG is full of fire and passion. Those two words can't even cover it for KG. He's like a rocket trying to break the sound barrier. KG only has one intense speed,and if you don't get out-of-the-way you could get hurt. It's all business on the court,and off the court KG seems like a cool guy,and he loves to talk to all the guys when the game is over. The motto it's not personal it's just business fits KG.He loves the challenge,and he wouldn't want any easy road. He wants to play the best,and he wants to be the best teammate. He wants to share the rock with his teammates,and he will have their backs when it counts. KG is highly emotional,and he will get in your face if he doesn't like what you're doing on the court. He will do countless chest bumps after a huge emotional play. He's full of energy,and he won't stop. In his first season Doc had to keep tabs on his minutes because he used so much energy. His minute reduction now is more about his health,but it's still in part to all the energy burned by KG. Do you fit KG's personality?



Paul is a mix of Ray and KG. Cool as Ray,and full of fire like KG. He's even got some Rondo with his confidence,and he's not afraid to put it out there. When he's burning you during the first half of a game he's cool as can be. When it's the final minutes of the game,and he's got his foot on your throat he's loving every second of it,and he's not afraid to show it at  times. He's not scared of anything or anyone on the court. He thinks,and he can out play the best on the court. If it's out dueling James in the playoffs,or if it's out playing Kobe in the finals. Paul will think he's the best. He's always been underrated,and the underdog. Paul is loyal to the Celtics,and to his coach Doc Rivers. He's also a good teammate,and the real leader of the Celtics. Make no mistake about it. KG took this team to a whole different level,but Paul is the driving force. Are you Paul?



The beauty of this team is the strong people we get to watch on a nightly basis. The big 4 are unique in style,and they are all unique in who they are. They all bring something different to the table,and it's one of the appeals of this team. You can say one thing about the Big 4 they have a strong confidence as a unit . Three out of the four are almost done,but it will be exciting to see what they can give for another run at banner 18.


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1 Comment

Reply celtsfan
02:28 AM on July 10, 2011 
Good post. I would have to say Paul Pierce.

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