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The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly: Game 53 of the season against the Spurs

Posted by shawn cassidy on April 5, 2012 at 2:30 PM

The Good

:D The Celtics are taking care of the basketball much better as of late. Only 11 turnovers last night by the Celtics. But to be honest it felt like more. That usally happens when the Celtics turn the ball over on key possesions. In the final 40 seconds. The Celtics had one of the worst turnovers of the season. It's unacceptable. It was between Rondo, and KG. Rondo usually lets the ball roll up the court. During this practice. KG stepped in, and started to let the ball roll. KG got in the way, and the Spurs stole the ball. Who knows what might have been if the Celtics actually held the basketball. KG you know better. Rondo executes that with ease everytime. Nice improvement by the Celtics cutting their turnovers down.

:( The second half defense by the Celtics was on point, and it should have started since quarter one. That's when you look at Bradley's impact, and say boy we need him in the first half. The Celtics held the Spurs to 9 3rd quarter points. They forced the Spurs to turn the ball over 17 times. They also dropped the Spurs field gol percentage from 55% to 42% for the game. The Spurs were pacing well over 100 points in this game, but the Celtics turned up the heat, and held the Spurs to 87 points.

:D Bradley of course. I have covered this topic already. So I won't discuss it too much. But Bradley in the second quarter saved the Celtics. The Spurs went up 17, but Bradley was aggressive.

The Bad

:( Foul shooting was awful for the Celtics 6-of-13 for the game, and that was good enough for 46% for the game. Bass missed three which is unlike him. Man if he wants one or two of those. We wouldn't even be talking about this.

The Ugly

:mad: The Spurs scored more than half their points inside the paint. The Spurs scored 48 points in the paint. That is way too much, and alarming. It was all fastbreak driven for the most part. Celtics need to keep the number in the low 30's at best for opposing teams.

:( The rebounding for the Celtics started off great. They held the rebounding lead for much of the first half. But in the end they lost the battle 53-39. Some what of a set back compared to the last few games for the Celtics. They just need to cloes the gap, and limit offensive rebounding. They gave 12 to the Spurs.

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Reply Celticslifer
03:18 PM on April 05, 2012 
Yeah that play was brutal!
Reply Franklin
06:19 PM on April 05, 2012 
The pace in the second half was all Celtics. The just made awful choices.
Reply paul
08:11 PM on April 05, 2012 
I think the Allen move confused them. They had a groove going. Then Doc said, here, let me jam Allen back into the starting lineup, which has gotten off to weak starts all season largely thanks to him. I love Allen. He can kill off the bench, if he'd only do it.





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