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Legendary battle for one last time?

Posted by shawn cassidy on April 5, 2012 at 11:25 AM

Both Duncan, and KG are at the point in their careers when every matchup between each other could be the final one.

The time is here to enjoy what we have been given as fans. Last night was a heartbreaking loss for us C's fans, but we got to see two of the best power forwards play head-to-head maybe for the last time. The time has come and gone when both players are the best on their team. But for them  to bid farewell and goodnight to the world is something on hold. At least for this season anyway. Their  life isn't over and done. They have proven they can be effective on limited roles.

The sun slides gently into the soft velvet embrace of the distant horizon. Memories stay close to heart. Day’s final  beating rays perish quickly as they are whisked from the dark bllue sky. Shadows stretch forth, eclipsing all in a cold silent haze that brushes over. Lay gently your soul, upon the soft pillows of contentment and ease. As for one day you can reflect on what was beatiful about your gift. Transcend time and space as you ponder upon a magical place where wishes come to pass. To be forever young, and to play the game of youth. A wondrous place called dreams.

If it was the final game between the two. They gave us a magical ending. Both players didn't dominate the game, but they showed us moves that made them hosehold names. They made us understand their beauty.

If they  knew it would be the last time.They have been touched by a friend's notes.Saying 'if i knew it would be the last time. I just realized that life is really short, but our career is even shorter.


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Reply paul
11:54 AM on April 05, 2012 
There may be more epic battles in the playoffs...
Reply Franklin
01:04 PM on April 05, 2012 
In the finals is m a dream of mine. Not the Lakers, but the Spurs.
Reply paul
01:10 PM on April 05, 2012 
Franklin says...
In the finals is m a dream of mine. Not the Lakers, but the Spurs.

Either them or OKC





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