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What are Celtic fans thinking: Bradley should still start

Posted by shawn cassidy on April 5, 2012 at 10:45 AM

ethanlamb Before everyone starts drooling over Avery Bradley again, please realize that 7 of his nine shots were layups and that he chipped in exactly 0 assists and 1 rebound in his 34 minutes on the floor. 


Doc Rivers is way over-rated.

Umm, did this guy see Avery play great defense, and score at will with Rondo,and KG finding him lasst night? Doesn't he know that's what Bradley gives the Celtics? An inside prescence with his cutting ability? As for the assists, Bradley was two guard most of the night, and most two guards give you 2-3 assists per game. So zero doesn't alarm anyhthing for me. As for Doc, I wouldn't say that at all. Doc has his issues, but he's not overrated.

green solution Doc would have gone with Bledsoe over Brady all these years. He's blind, and nobody in the C's organization will give it to him. "Genius" - come on. It's not about the team with this Celtics management group. What a, like, winning? Bummer.

Excellent call out. The Pats in 2001 had somewhat the same issue. Bledsoe  got hurt, Tom Brady comes in, and he's already showing signs of greatness. Coach Belichick sticks with Brady, despite Bledsoe being the franchise quarterback, and starter before the injury. The result that season for the Patriots was a Super Bowl win. Doc needs to be bold. He needs to undertand that winning is the goal right?

The Running Waves What I don't understand is how you can justify starting a guy who has been out with a bum ankle and completely out of rythm with the team. Have some balls and keep Bradley in the starting lineup. It's not just coincidence that they have been successful. Green Solution makes a great point. Mix youth with age. C'mon, Doc! You're better than that!

Right now the spotlight is on Doc, and I think the media should be calling him out right? Come on writers. Stick your neck out there, and call him out. Instead of wanting to be his friend. Be a reporter. Dig into this. This is an issue.

thatceltickid24 Bradly needs to start over Ray Allen. Our D is better with Bradly in the game and since he has been in the starting 5 we have gone 15 and 5... Ray is a beter offinsive player but Doc has always said we are a definsive team FIRST and if that's true Bradly is our guy. CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T SCORE!Ray is showing signs of age and lets face it...Rondo NEEDS someone to run with him in the open court and bradly compliments his game perfectly because he is fast and young enough to do so. Plus he's a lot better in every aspect of the game right now excpet shooting of course.

Ray is showing age because he's injured. But we've seen KG, and Pierce look old this season. They got in shape. For Ray he needs to get into shape again. But still he needs to come off the bench. This sublect won't go away.

green solution Chris: Were you in that interview room? How come no reporter has the guts to ask Doc the tough questions? Like why is Ray playing so many minutes with no defense to offer? Why Ray over Bradley last night? Can you admit that youth and speed are needed? Why is everyone afraid to confront and hurt Doc's feelings. Doc totally blew this game - again.

Like I said in the above comments. Nobody calling out Doc. Saying more about Bradley. I feel strongly that if Bradley started the game.The Celtics would have won the game. I don't think we would have fallen down by 17 in the first half.

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1 Comment

Reply paul
11:12 AM on April 05, 2012 
It was so obvious last night that Bradley and Rondo are a problem that the rest of the league so far doesn't have an answer to. It's not just that they are both fast. It's so much more than that, though it is that too.





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