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30 Teams In 30 Nights- Minnesota Timberwolves

Posted by shawn cassidy on September 2, 2011 at 2:05 AM

Quick facts about last years team:

Record-17-65 worst record in the NBA,and Western conference.

TheTimberwolves have failed to win more than 30 games since the Garnett trade.

The Timberwolves find themselves coach less,and the Rambis drama dragged on too long. What's next on the coaching front for the Wolves? Rick Adleman is latest option,but no deal is set.


Rick Adelman Met With Timberwolves; Left Without A Job Offer

David Kahn has put a black eye on the  Minnesota Timberwolves franchise as far, as I'm concerned. The comments in the media,or the horrible deals. Kahn has made the Twolves a losing team,and one of the worst deals? Hiring Rambis was a poor choice. I'm not saying Rambis is a bad coach,but he wasn't the right coach for the Wolves. Kahn will need to get the right coach in there with the young Wolves squad. Rumor has it that the Wolves are looking for veteran guys to help the Wolves turn the corner,and work towards the 8th seed in the West.

Timberwolves team salary

Timberwolves team stats

The Wolves will finally see Ricky Rubio next season. How good will he be? The hype has been hanging over Rubio's head. In a perfect world Rubio  will work out for the Wolves,and the combo of Love,and Rubio will lead the Wolves back to the playoffs. Love took the league by storm,and he became an all-star for the first time. Love put together a 31 point, 31 rebound game the first in 28 years. It's clear that Love is the future,and here I go with the Beatles refrence. All you need is love! Is he the right guy to build the Wolves  around.At this point he is,and the Wolves have young talent to surround him with. It's just a mattter of ballance. Beasley is a wild card,and he played much better in Minnesota. Beasley had his best year as a pro,and it looked like he found  a home. The potential is their for Love,and Beasley.

Bealey,and Love combinded for 40 points a night. The two guys have the talent. It's all about putting it together mentally,and with some good old basetball I.Q. Beasley seems to always find trouble off the court. I think the Wolves need a coach like Adleman.He's won on every stop in the NBA,and I see this as no different from the other stops. Kahn will need to win 30 games if  he wants to keep his job. The Wolves need to fix whats wrong,and finding a coach is the best option. The Wolves had a solid offense last year,but the Wolves have the worst defense. The Wolves need some veteran leadership. The only way they make it back to the playoffs is with the guidance of veterans.

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