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Celtics Morning Joe: Perk most overrated center in the NBA?

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 30, 2011 at 5:30 AM

He was the enforcer. The beast inside that could control Dwight Howard. He was out of high school,and the Celtics worked with him,and they worked on Perk some more. He seemed to fit right in once the Celtics formed the Big 3. He became great friends with Rondo,and much of it came from the pressure from joining the Big 3 in the starting line-up. Perk isn't flashy on offense,but he regulates on defense. Take a look at ESPN's roundtable about Centers.

Simon Chun, via Twitter: Kendrick Perkins. Playing in Boston overrated him, then the trade and the subsequent Celtics "collapse" helped further the legend of a center who has averaged just 6.4 points and 6.1 rebounds a game.

We know both Perk,and Jeff Green haven't found their groove on their current teams. Perk appears to be overrated after the trade. I will blame it on his injury. He's still recovering. This morning please talk about your feelings on Perk.

Is Perk overrated?

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Reply paul
12:06 PM on July 31, 2011 
What the hell is this with people ripping Perkins? All the guy did last year was accomplish a brilliantly fast recovery from a major surgery, before leading a team (unfortunately not the Celtics) deep into the playoffs. I'm sorry, but only idiots have ever overrated Perkins. There is no reason to indulge idiots who discuss this non-issue, just because ESPN does. Perkins is a role player who has an impact beyond his talents because the NBA center position is so watered down these days. There' s no mystery about this. All the talk about how The Trade revealed his weakness is total crap. First, The Trade revealed how OBVIOUSLY important he was the Celtics. That alone says a lot. Losing him (and other players) turned the Cs from top contenders into also rans. But then, even at 60% Perkins helped the team he went to drive almost all the way to the finals, losing to the eventual champion. In other words, even injured he had a MASSIVE impact on the NBA. Again, it's not because he is a great player. It's because he actually plays like a center, and hardly anyone does that these days.
Reply paul
2:15 PM on July 31, 2011 
The more I think about it, the more it amazes that these idiots are STILL carrying on about Perkins, until I remember that the same sorts of idiots still carry on about Rondo. These are fools who only know statistics. They don't use their minds and eyes and understanding. They seek pseudo-scientific fakery to replace those things.

Perkins fought his way back from injury. How on earth to those fools NOT understand what this says about the guy? He not only fought his way back from injury, but he managed to have a major impact despite not being fully recovered. Why? WATCH HIM, willya?!!! You will not see a center who does a better job of watching the offense from in back of the defense, and responding to threats AS THEY DEVELOP. Nor will you see a center who punishes centers and power forwards like Perkins does. Perkins biggest problem this last year was against Chandler. He had difficulty rotating back to his man after helping out, and the Mavs took advantage, but even there, part of the blame goes to his teammates, who did not rotate to cover Perk's back.
Reply shawn cassidy
2:26 PM on July 31, 2011 
Perk suffered a major injury,and I believe because of that. Perks play suffered through the season. Perk to me is not overrated. He's perhaps one of the best defensive centers in the game. His stats are not high,but he's a force. His offensive game is their,but in OKC it's not really a focus for Perk. Perk has some moves in the post,and he can shot the ball about 12-15 ft away from the basket if he needs too. Thanks for lashing out about Perk Paul. I think the only thing that will help us fans get over Perkins could be Howard in green
Reply Ron Leyba
2:30 PM on July 31, 2011 
I love Perk,but he's overrated a little,and that doesn't mean he is a bad player,or he didn't mean much to the Celtics. He was a great fit for the Celtics,and In OKC even if he had an injury I don't think he fits well. I miss Perk,but he was a victim of playing with four great players.