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The talkin' box score: Washington Wizards - Boston Celtics 106-99

Posted by Morena on December 22, 2013 at 5:20 AM

Record: 12-16


This is one of those games that leaves me a little disappointed. The Wizard can be a tough team, but we are a better team, and considering we were playing at the Garden, this is one of those game that we have to win. And right away, we started the game like a team that wanted to win, but we just weren’t able to confirm ourselves after the first quarter and we lost pretty badly.

Overall, I think that with an extra effort we could have grabbed a little more rebounds, but Green didn’t help us off the boards, and other than Humphries, also the guys off the bench weren’t able to give us the spark of energy that we probably needed.


And this is once again one of those situation when you look at the calendar on the wall to see how many days we’ve got left until January. We are a good team, but we miss our star player, and there are games when you notice it more than ever. Rondo is one of those players that can suddenly take the game over and turn it around completely. Right now, we don’t have a player that can do that. We have some really good player that can give us a boost of energy, keep us alive in a difficult stretch, but I don’t think there’s someone that can completely change the path of the game. Few players in the league can do that, and one of them plays for the Green and wear number 9.


Green is having yet again one of those stretches where he doesn’t play very well. Shawn said it better in his post this morning. Green is a solid role player, but a guy that we’ll never be consistent. In the past few posts about game, I said I was happy about Green because he finally seemed to have found his consistency, but now he just threw it all away. What make his last night game worst, is the fact that he scored almost all of his points in the second quarter. This means that for the most part of the game he’s been basically invisible. I just can’t convince myself that Green is not what I expected him to be. I know this is wrong, but I really envisioned him like a really good player able power the team, a spark of energy, the player that Rondo could find when you’ve got three seconds left in the fourth quarter and you’re down by one point. I just can’t get over this disappointment.


Bass instead, didn’t have his best night as a shooter, but he made up for it playing hard and helping the team in different ways. He finished the game with 11 points, 11 rebounds and four assists. He’s asserted himself as our second best rebounder, and unlike Green, he’s showing consistency. Even when I wrote he didn’t have a really good game from the numbers, you guys from the blog let me know he played a solid game, but he just made all the little things that didn’t show up on the stat sheet.


Sully just continues to amaze me. When I looked at the box score this morning I just though “I want every year draft pick n. 21!!” My two favorite Celtics players have been drafted n. 21. Sully is proving to be another steal from Ainge. Once again, he scored more than 20 points shooting 50% and grabbed 11 rebounds. He also solved what looked to be one of his problems last year in the personal foul. Sully plays a bit physical, he likes it that way, and I like it that way. But last year, he found himself in foul trouble more than we would have liked. This year, that’s not happening, and that’s huge for a big guy that sometimes likes to play a little physical.


Bradley had a really good shooting night scoring a team-high 26 points on 12for18 shooting, which is pretty amazing. He also went 2for3 from the three point line, and grabbed 5 boards to cap a really good night. What I really appreciated are the 13 points in the fourth quarter. It was a little too late to try a comeback at that point, but at least he tried.


A part from Humphries and Wallace, we didn’t get the help we needed from the bench. What I really like to see are the 5 assist in 13 minutes from Pressey. I just love traditional pass-first point guard, and in a league full of shooting guard trapped in a point guard body, it’s nice to see a young guy that is coming up following Rondo’s step. I really hope Phil will be able to grow as a player and stay at a good level to be our backup point guard once that Crawford will be gone.


Tonight we’ll have one of the hardest game of the year against the Pacers.

As Sully said, let’s wipe this one and get ready for the game.


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Reply rcraig617
6:21 PM on December 22, 2013 
We had too many turnovers this game. I remember our first 3 possession of the 3rd qtr we didn't even get a shot up we just turned the ball over.