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Tank this Bill

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 11, 2013 at 1:30 AM

I could never like them. I just try to t tolerate it.  Those arrogant people who think they are great like Bill Simmons. They build themselves up by putting others down,and you meet them on every street in every town.  The opinions of others they dismiss offhand like Bill Simmons. And not one thing about empathy do they understand.  They hurt others feelings yet remorse never shows on their face, or with words. Anything about kindness they do not seem to know. Bill Simmons is a talented guy, he wouldn't be doing what he's doing if he wasn't I just always disagree with what he has to say. I did agree when he thought Doc quit. I did disagree with his immaturity with the back and forth with Doc's kid.

Simmons grew up the New England area, and he's a well known Boston sports fan, but I think the fact that he spends time worrying about building the Lakers, and going to Clippers games as a fan. Turns me off a bit. I think everyone has the right to think for themselves, and to have an opinion. But when it comes to being pro tanking with the Boston Celtics. You lose every ounce of credibility  with me. It seems like anyone who covers the Celtics want the Celtics to tank, and they want the Celtics to trade Rondo. I think a lot of fans read this, and they go along with it.


"Delay Rajon Rondo's return from a torn ACL for as long as humanly possible, lose as many games as possible during that time, bring him back for a 10-game trial to show everyone he's healthy again, then move him with Gerald Wallace's hideous contract ($30.3 million over three years) for cap space, draft picks and/or one blue-chipper. If the trade isn't there, then keep Rondo around and shelve him with some bogus injury in March and April to improve our pick. My dream Celtics trade: Rondo and Wallace to Detroit for the Rodney Stuckey/Charlie Villanueva expirings and Andre Drummond. My runner-up dream trade: Rondo and Wallace to Sacramento for Ben McLemore, Jimmer Fredette, John Salmons's expiring deal, Patrick Patterson's expiring deal and a future no. 1 pick. Not saying these could happen … that's just what they have to get for Rondo. Learn from Oklahoma City's mistakes with the Harden trade — namely, not getting a blue-chipper and not clearing a bad contract (in that case, Kendrick Perkins). You have to do both, or it doesn't make sense to trade him."

Instead of using his energy for something positive. He comes up with these off the wall trades that never come close to happening. When it comes to why I'm a Rondo fan. It's for a few reasons. Rondo is truly gifted, he's over achieved, and he's the best play maker in the game, along with being a top 5 point guard. Another reason I'm a fan of Rondo is for the fact that I like to stick up for those who are truly mistreated or bullied. I also like the fact that Rondo doesn't conform to what we want him to be, although he's done a great job this summer showing more of the human side of who he is. 

I don't get this, and maybe someone can clear this up for me. Rondo is being shopped around by fans, media types, and so forth. Why is this even a topic right now,or even a thought? If Rondo is a top five point guard, and we already know he's an all defensive player, and the best play maker, and passer in the game. Who trades that? Did the Clippers consider trading Paul? Do the Bulls shop Rose? What about the Thunder, is Westbrook being traded? The Spurs are they  shopping Parker? Of course not. Is this because Rondo isn't a score first point guard? The answer I have to that is he's never been asked. When it came to him scoring in the playoffs, it wasn't an issue. Rondo was in the shadow of three hall of fame players, who wanted to be fed the ball.

The trades that Simmons came up with are a damn insult. First of all, why risk tanking for something you may not get,or even get what you think you are. Why not work with something that you already have that's special, and hard to find. Rondo's teammates don't want this talk about a rebuild. They have Rondo. A MVP quality player when at the top of his game. The Celtics are not a contending team, but Ainge says this team is in better shape to rebuild this time around. Because it's true. Rondo is here, and he's got many young players to gel with, and with some veterans. This Celtics team is a low seed in the playoffs.But Ainge is in the mindset to get young talent, and build for trades that will bring in talent for Rondo and Stevens.

I just find it funny most players want Rondo. Kobe wants him, and so does Melo. Because Rondo is the real deal. If you put Rondo on either New York, or La then those teams are in the conversation for winning it all.

Let me leave this article at this. I'm not for tanking,and I hope that Stevens and Rondo build this team together. But I will say this. If a trade benefits Rondo in the long run, and the Celtics in the long run,  then a trade must be done. If the Celtics feel that Rondo is being wasted, and the team isn't rebuilding fast enough then I understand a move must take place. I think what gets me heated is the fact that nobody is giving Rondo a chance to show what he's able to do as team captain, and as the real leader of a team that's just him without the Big 3.

Rondo isn't an innocent character in all of this. He's been an easy target at times. With the popularity of the Big Three, it seemed like the role of villain was destined to be Rondo for whatever reason. Rondo wasn't the leader of this team, but he got the blame like one. Now he's finally given the chance, but people want to rip it away from him.

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Reply paul
6:46 AM on July 11, 2013 
Preach on Brother Shawn. This is such a good piece. You cover so many issues. It's nauseating that 'everyone' now agrees that 'tanking' is what smart people who really want to win do! And the stuff about Rondo is even crazier than it's been in the past. It seems like almost everyone is dreaming of having their own Lebron. If we tank we can get our own Lebron. But we have a player who may even be better than Lebron (recognizing that there is more to the game than athleticism)! Oh but everyone hates him. Drummond for Rondo? How is it that people are even taking that seriously? I agree that if Danny doesn't want Rondo, he should trade him, and if he does want Rondo, stop shopping him (or stop 'listening to offers' or whatever folks want to call it)...
Reply Franklin
11:12 AM on July 11, 2013 
Agree Paul,this is a good one. I'm so tired of this stuff from guys like Simmons. As much as I dislike Bob Ryan lately like most here. This is a amateur attempt of Simmons,trying to be a GM. Go play NBA2K,and fuck up the Celtics there.
Reply paul
12:41 PM on July 11, 2013 
And the more nauseating folks' ideas are, Franklin, the more smug they are about them.