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Celtics Legends Series: Celtics-The story of Havlicek steals the ball

Posted by shawn cassidy on August 30, 2011 at 10:00 AM

In the world we live in today. We have almost everything at our finger tips. You can find almost anything on the internet,or you can DVR almost anything on your TV/Satalite box. When I was growing up I had a few VHS tapes I would record any Celtics programs that came on any channel . I would watch the hell out of them. I was always in love with the story behind the Havlicek steal in 1965 from  the Eastern Conference Finals.

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Russell was the franchise,and he saved his mates many times. Russell wasn't the type of player that would turn the ball over at the end of a games. Russ made a huge mistake. Russell wanted to get the ball in,but he hit the back board support,and the ball was ruled out-of-bounds. The ball was given to the 76ers. I think you just need to watch the video. They explain the play better.

The call by Johnny Most moves my soul. He doesn't have the greatest voice,but I love it. I could listen to his raspy voice anytime. The call would reach out to generation of Celtic fans,and even NBA fans.  It will be in the minds of Celtics fans forever past,and present.

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