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Rondo wants to remain in Boston

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 19, 2014 at 6:40 AM

Rondo is now the man, the head dude, or whatever top name you want to call him. Rondo's the captain, that sounds like music to me. Frankly I love typing that up. Rondo is the captain of the Boston Celtics. Enough about that, and more about Rondo talking about his future with the Celtics.

Sporting News

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, dating back to the end of last June, when the Celtics began their rebuilding project in earnest by trading Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, management was in contact with Rondo about the team’s long-term plan. And it is only a small coincidence that the Celtics’ long-term plan dovetails nicely with Rondo’s long-term plan — both are focused on the summer of 2015.

That is when Rondo will be a free agent. If all goes well for him, he will play through the rest of this season healthy and getting rid of the rust that comes with nearly a year off. He will return next year in a role he has never known in the NBA—  as the unquestioned star and leader of his team, something that wasn’t going to happen as long as Pierce and Garnett were around.

A source close to Rondo told SN that he, “relishes that challenge.” Which makes sense. Ideally, Rondo would come out next season and post big numbers on a fair-to-middling Celtics team, positioning himself as one of the top free agents in 2015. He will be 29, and could fetch a four-year deal in the max-contract range — if all goes well for the remainder of this year and next, of course.

Love him or hate him. I feel both sometimes. Danny Ainge has this team set for a quick rebuild around Rondo. The picks are over flowing and the cap space will be when it counts. The summer of 2015 is big, Rondo's a free agent, and the Celtics can offer him big money, and they can offer a big deal to others as well. The Celtics have 19 million wrapped up in cap going into the summer of 2015, if not less knowing Ainge. I think Ainge, is doing this so he can keep Rondo. Is Danny loyal? Ah, no, and actually yes.

He show loyalty to some. Paul Pierce and Doc are two that he has in the past. Even though he traded Pierce, he knew that Paul had one year on his deal, and that if Paul really wanted to retire a Celtic. It would be up to him. Paul will be a free agent this summer, and he could come back on a very low deal.

Even though I would love to see Pierce back. I have another part saying no, let Rondo have zero burden of the past. Is Paul Pierce able to be something else in Boston? Maybe, and perhaps will see that play out. In the meantime, Rondo is our guy, and it feels good, as long as Danny doesn't bleep it up.

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1 Comment

Reply jlil89
10:47 AM on January 20, 2014 
Man if Paul wanted to come back to be our 6th man of the year on home town discount contract, I would absolutely welcome him back with open arms. I don't think there would be a leadership clash like before. Not after this Brooklyn Nets wake up call.