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Return of Rondo

Posted by Yenu on January 17, 2014 at 8:00 PM


 I'm a fan of the Celtics, thats why i write about them but over the last six years, its safe to say that im just as much a fan of Rajon Rondo. And rightfully so, because Rondo's been considered the best player of this storied franchise for those six years. Resembling the attitude of the team, Rondo represents hard work and overachieving at a championship level time and time again, and the fans of the celtics and the entire NBA agree.

 From being considered a loner risk on a team assembled to win immediately to stepping up and winning and turning into the outright leader and superstar. Very rarely do you see a player with his kind of brash attitude be so revered by his piers and fans, so much that his jersey sales have been in the top 5 in the nba for the last three seasons. Not to mention being voted to start on the all star game from a seven seed team in the east. I dont expect a guy with his no nonsense persona to be accepted by middle america or pop culture, but one thing i cant stand is when a guy overachieves in everyway and never gets his just due, even from the insiders and so called experts.

All i see on nbatv are top 5 lists of every category you can break these players into and i never see Mr Rondo in anything. Even when they bring up point guard leaders, its always Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Stephen Curry and Tony Parker but out of all those supposed point guards, Rajon's the only true point guard. Now, he can score and even with a bogus stigma being put out there that he doesnt have a jumpshot, he led the league in field goal percentage from the guard position before he was injured, not PG, G. While he was able to improve as a scorer, he maintained his spot as assist king, for the third straight year.

 Point guards, assist, period. Only the very best know how to do both with the perfect balance in order to win (Tony Parker). This time around, lets be objective about this unlikeable alpha. He's pulled off the most heroic and compelling seven year career out of any active player in the league right now. From averaging a triple double for a whole postseason in 2009 to outplaying Lebron in 2010 so much so that he forced him to DECIDE to leave his own hometown to play in Miami.

Not to mention, the streak of postseason appearances (never exited from the 1st round) and his legendary run in 2012 when he single-handedly propelled the celts one game away from a completely unexpected Finals appearance (despite the horrible officiating). I grew up watching Gary Payton, Allen Iverson and Gilbert Arenas play the point guard position in a very electrifying fashion that could only be pulled off by the elite. But, since Isiah Thomas, there hasnt been a point guard who led their team to a championship, I expect Rondo to be that next guard.

  As far as celtics, he may have a better legacy than paul pierce already. I think hes a larry bird type of player who affects the game the most with a low triple double. He wakes up Jason Kidd, when he gets going hes Gary Payton and when hes at his best hes Oscar Robertson.

He made the first team all rookie team before KG even got traded to boston, so the success he's had has been gradual even at his pace. But, the hate for Rondo doesnt stop at the media and piers, in a first round sweep of the newly assembled Melo-Amare Knicks, Mike D'antoni commented, "i wonder what he'd (Rondo) look like without the big 3 around him." Unfortunately, for D'Antoni on Friday night and the rest of the NBA, they're about to see Rondo, as the "GUY IN BOSTON."      

 Celticnation, wear your number nine jerseys more, scream MVP, when hes at the free throw line and expect nothing but the best. Because we've been so lucky to have this hall of fame point guard play for us this past seven years, imagine him in his prime.

  God Bless

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1 Comment

Reply paul
10:51 PM on January 17, 2014 
I liked almost everything Rondo did tonight. I thought he played good defense, balancing more of a dug-in approach with effective roaming. He didn't walk the ball up too much, though I think he should have pushed the tempo more. My criticism would be that he should have tried to score more. In the second half, it was clear that he was hesitant to either attack the basket or pop Js. He didn't have the full explosiveness - that was obviously part of the reason - and he wasn't feeling his shot - his timing was off - but we need him to be our key scorer. He doesn't have to lead us in scoring, but he's the guy the offense has to key off. We shoulda put this game away, but it didn't quite happen.