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Beasts in the East

Posted by Yenu on December 13, 2013 at 9:00 PM



 Now that the Celtics have proven naysayers wrong and even have forced some to publicly apologize and acknowledge the Green for its exceptional roster this year, you would think the Celts have nothing to motivate them atop the Atlantic Division, wrong. Even though weve garnered some respect, its been less of some.

 One of the biggest stories out of the NBA so far, has been the poor quality of play out of the eastern conference. Recently on PTI, Tony Kornheiser suggested they throw away the current playoff format where eight teams from each conference duke it out and instead have the top 16 out of the league, despite conferences, determine whos playoff-worthy. Though, i think the Celtics have played like a four seed so far and could probably make his proposed playoff, i cant help but to feel frustrated with the comment.

The Celtics have worked hard behind a new coach to attain the lead spot in the division, it doesnt matter the climate in which the division is in. Its like they say, if its raining for me, it must be raining for my opponent too. Weve been playing the best ball in our division throughout the whole first month. When we tied for first with the sixers, two weeks ago, we were 4-4, now were up two games alone atop the division at 10-14. Follow me now....Even though were technically a worser team then we were, we're playing the best in the division now, because while weve sustained (maybe got alittle weaker) and others have fallen far. My point is Teams chase Teams not numbers and after chasing for a while that team should have no one to chase,but the greats.

  I believe we can beat Indiana right now and we can possibly be the best team in the east. Even though we havent play great against the west, the rest of the conference hasnt either. I believe the eastern conference teams play more of a slow tempo half court, defensive game meant for postseason success. While, the west play up and down with a jump shooting game you cant sustain for multiple games/series in the playoffs, they take advantage of regular season scheduling dynamic.

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Reply Greg
12:00 AM on December 14, 2013 
I don't think the Celtics can compete with the Pacers just yet. Let's get Rondo back first. I like your optimism on this though