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A lot of new faces on this Celtic team

Posted by Morena on September 30, 2013 at 4:00 PM

I didn’t have the chance to follow the whole media day this afternoon, but I did have the chance to listen to some players on the Celtics web site. Here in the old country is pretty hard to find good stuff!!

The main question seemed to be: “A lot of new faces on this Celtics team”, and even the answers were always the same. Everyone is excited to play for the Celtics, and they’re obviously a different team because when you enter the gym you can see all those banners up on the ceiling. They can’t wait for the season to begin, they’re sure they will surprise a lot of people next year, Stevens is a young great coach and they’re excited to play with Rondo.

I hope some of the players honestly believed what they were saying, just a couple of days ago I wrote that it’s encouraging to hear players that are excited by Rondo’s presence. But to hear the same things, player after player, it’s like the words lose their meaning. And they end up sounding like a lie.

What I learned from this media day, is that I’m still a little mad at the players that were already here last year and suddenly started to play a lot better once Rondo went down: Courtney Lee, Jeff Green, Brando Bass.. I mean, how can I trust them when they say how excited they are to see Rondo back?? Some of them even looked sincere, mostly Bass, but I’m still not over what they did. They will have to show their “excitement” on the court if they want me to trust them again.


I’m glad I had the chance to see Rondo, Sullinger and Olynyk media day.

Sully said an interesting thing when he said that they’re gonna be a fast, powerful, athletic team. And that’s exactly what I expect them to be. I mean, we’re a young team, so I believe we will have to use the advantage of the young age: power and speed. And when Rondo will be back, if he will be back the way I expect him to be, out court leader is gonna be a young guy with great experience, and that’s a pretty good combination.

Olynyk seems a really funny guy. I liked his interview, he’s been polite, nice and not boring like the other players. He said that he’s over the fasciitis that affected him during the summer and I really look forward to see what he can do. Even more so, because Rondo seems to really like him. When they asked him about Kelly, it looked to me like he was thinking about the different ways he can “use” his ability on the court. And he seemd excited by it. He said that as long as they will play together they will complement each other. Rondo already had a good on-court relationship with Sully, and if Olynyk can get on the same page, it will be great.

Rondo looked also honest when he said he has a good relationship with coach Stevens, and he seemed to genuinely appreciate the fact that Stevens reached out for him while he was at his camp this summer. He gave me the impression to be happy that someone was finally giving him the respect that you give a leader. The Head Coach is the person you have to listen to, and it’s always on a plan higher than everybody else, and the fact that it was Stevens who made the first step, I think it really surprised Rondo in a good way.

I couldn’t really tell if mentally he’s still bothered by the injury; he scared me a little bit when they asked him about Adrian Peterson and he replied that everybody’s different and reacts mentally in a different way. Even in the first interview that he gave during the rehab, months after the injury, he admitted that the only thing that scares him is to injure his knee again. And he really looked scared by that. In this situation, his fierceness, determination and stubbornness could play an important role for his comeback.

Another thing that I didn’t really like in his interview, is when they asked him about leadership and after saying that it’s not the first time he’s in the position to be a leader in this team, he added that it’s not just him, but it’s a team thing, and that there are Jeff Green and other players. I hope this doesn’t mean we’re in the same situation as last year, where we have plenty of leader and we played in a complete anarchy because we didn’t know who we had to follow.

That said, there was even the time for some great quotes:

-Did you talk to Derrik Rose at all during the summer?


-Where are you in your rehab?

On target


Classic Rondo answers!! How I missed those short, blunt, honest answers!!

Another part that I really liked is when they asked him what does he say to the new players when they ask him what it’s like to be a Celtic and he said that his answer is: NO NIGHTS OFF – YOU’RE A CELTIC.

That sound so scrappy and exciting!! And I hope it will help even himself to find again the consistency he’s looking for.


Mixed impression from this media day, I have a lot of doubts about this Celtic roster, but the excitement is still there.


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Reply paul
4:50 PM on September 30, 2013 
Great report, Morena. I feel the way you do about the players from last year. I'll trust them when they show that they are ready to walk the walk and actually adapt to Rondo's leadership. But Rondo too, dammit, has to stop evading the leadership role. This is starting to go beyond annoying now. If I were Danny and Brad I would go to Rondo and tell him "dude, if you don't want to be the leader, we probably gonna tradeya. We want you to be the leader. " Stop with the false modesty Rondo. OR ARE YOU AFRAID TO GRAB THE WHEEL? It's time to grab the wheel Rondo
Reply Greg
4:53 PM on September 30, 2013 
I don't trust everyone yet,but its a fresh start. I like the vibe so far. Love the one liners by Rajon
Reply paul
5:05 PM on September 30, 2013 
I lopve it all too, but trust will take a while for those other guys - they have to prove it on the floor. No more bitching about Rondo please. When he dishes you the ball, you finish. And for Rondo, time to grab the wheel. GRAB THE DARN WHEEL.
Reply Franklin
8:00 PM on September 30, 2013 
paul says...
I lopve it all too, but trust will take a while for those other guys - they have to prove it on the floor. No more bitching about Rondo please. When he dishes you the ball, you finish. And for Rondo, time to grab the wheel. GRAB THE DARN WHEEL.

He's an assist machine, why mess with that? Doesn't make sense, so wakeup Courtney Lee!
Reply paul
8:23 PM on September 30, 2013 
Franklin says...
He's an assist machine, why mess with that? Doesn't make sense, so wakeup Courtney Lee!

I really want to see some guys on this team who are glad to get the ball in position to score.