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Celtics Morning Joe: Scal thinks Stevens must hold players accountable to win over Rajon

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 18, 2013 at 5:00 AM

This season isn't about winning banner 18, and it's not about throwing games. This is like the first dip in the pool after a harsh winter. Your eager to test the water on the first warm day in spring. Your anticipation is that it will be a bit cold, but you take the dive, and you wait it out until you start to warm up to the water. Your body needs to adjust to the change. 

This season won't be the Celtics 'Abbey Road', but more like a demo tape, or an early recording on grainy tape in a tavern. They will have to fine tune what they already have,and they'll have to sit down and collaborate to work out what the lyrics and music should be. Maybe Kris Humphries will become Pete Best at some point, but that's how it goes in life. Maybe Doc was like George Marin in some ways. Maybe Brad Stevens will become like a Phil Spector. Phil created the wall of sound, and he was a music pioneer in that sense. Stevens is known to be good with numbers, and able to see things that most can't when it comes to basketball. This is Stevens big chance. This is the biggest moment in his career. 

Scal got it right. Stevens needs to hold every player accountable.That should be in every coaches approach. Doc was loved by his players. It seemed like he treated many of his guys different. That's my opinion.

When it comes to Stevens, and Rondo in all of this. They need to speak the same message, and they both need to hold everyone accountable for the same reasons. They can't seen mixed messages on the plan, and execution of what they want. I don't think Rondo wants to lose, and many have polarized Rondo as unapproachable, and not able to be coached. Rondo has the chance to set the record on what he's been labeled. Like I have said, both of these men need each other. They will find away.


Celtics coach Brad Stevens needs to hold players to a level of accountability in order to gain the respect of guard Rajon Rondo.

"Brad Stevens has to hold guys accountable, who do things wrong on the basketball court," Scalabrine said. "If they make bonehead plays, he needs to hold them accountable."

Rondo can be a bit of a hot head, but he is a player who has a more mature vision on the court and can see things other players cannot. Scalabrine said Rondo needs to be surrounded with players who also have a high basketball IQ on the court.

"If you want to get Rondo on your side, play guys who have high IQ and play guys who give Rajon space," Scalabrine said. "If they do that, Brad Stevens and Rajon Rondo will be best of friends in Boston. If he doesn't hold guys accountable, including probably Rajon Rondo, then Rondo will lose respect for him."

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Reply paul
9:52 AM on July 18, 2013 
But Rajon must step up and hold himself accountable, and it should, in my opinion, start with holding himself accountable for part of what went wrong last season, starting with the defense.
Reply rcraig617
4:56 PM on July 18, 2013 
I will say it seemed like doc didn't hold the big 3 and some of our other guys like rasheed wallace accountable. We would just waltz through the regular season and lose games we weren't supposed to lose and it became habitual. Most of the time when doc said we're playing hero ball everyone know he was referring to paul pierce he's the one who would take most of the bad shots in situations he didn't have to, rondo took alot of bad shots when the clock was running down but those shots were required. Also doc never got on kg for his lack of rebounding this year vs the knicks kevin was clearing the boards the second half of that series and throughout his whole time in boston he never rebounded like that and rebounding was a problem for us. It seemed like he didn't really get on ray for his lack of defense also. I can go on and on but as scal says if stevens holds everyone responsible equally then there should be no problems.
Reply paul
10:13 PM on July 18, 2013 
So well said, rcraig. KG played so soft for much of this past year that Rondo literally had to come to his defense. That was freaking pathetic, but never a word about KG, never a word of criticism, certainly not from Doc. Or look at the climactic Clippers game that started our descent into west coast hell. Notice the difference in KG's defensive intensity in that game from the Brooklyn game just before. I"m not ragging on KG. I'm saying that Doc never went after KG, Ray or Pp, or so it seemed. The Holy Three still basically escape all criticism.