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Potential Wallace trades (Fictional)

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 14, 2013 at 5:10 AM

This will be a post about trades. Not something that I dabble in, but why not. This is based on the notion that the Celtics want to ship Wallace and Humphries out of Boston. I hope Danny wants to, I would like these two out before training camp. So, I will do my best to produce some realistic trade ideas, and you guys can chime in with your own, or your likes or dislikes. This post is all about fun. I will share my reasoning behind these deals.

The first deal would send Wallace over to the Thunder for Perk. I know, not Perk again. The rumor was put out there, so I'll go with it. The Thunder looked to Amnesty Perk, but decided not to. He hasn't lived up to what the Thunder had hoped for, and I think a trade is ultimately on the table for Perk. What the Celtics get from this deal? They will get out of Wallace's contract  that will cost them for three seasons. As for Perk, he only has two years remaining. So your making this trade to shed a year off a bad deal. What the Celtics also get is a friend for Rondo. Perk played his best with Rondo as his point guard, and it could help Rondo stay level headed through his first season as captain. The Celtics are also in need of more front court help. They have a log jam at small forward, and shooting guard.

So why would the Thunder do this? Well Perk hasn't been the biggest help. They got him in 2011 for the twin towers in LA, and that team is no longer put together that way, so it kind of defeats the purpose. But with Howard staying in the West, it also means that Perk is probably going to stay there. Perk has guarded Dwight well for his entire career. Why would they bring in Wallace? They lost Kevin Martin, and although Wallace is no scorer, that could move someone like Thabo Sefolosha to the bench for scoring off the bench. Wallace is a great defender, and that could be more useful down the road. This trade seems possible but iffy.


How about this one. Omer Asik of the Rockets has said that he doesn't want to play with Howard in Houston. Kevin Mchale could use a wing defender that could help contain the likes of Kobe, or Durant, and others out West. Asik has two years left under his deal, and that goes along with the same thing about the Perk deal. It shades a year off a contract to add more cap space sooner than three years. Many of the same points come up with this deal. This would add much needed depth up front, and the C's are stacked on the wing. Asik had a solid double-double average last season. He would start in Boston, and he wouldn't in Houston. For him it would be a better fit.


This deal could be the most unlikely, but I think it could help both teams. The Pacers are in somewhat of a bind. They have Paul George who has become the new go-to-guy, and they have their old go-to-guy who only played 5 games last season in Danny Granger. With that being said. The Pacers were one win away without their All-Star Danny Granger. This team didn't need him to get that far, but you could also say that if they had him, maybe they win that series. So why would the Pacers want to trade Granger? Both George and Granger are free agents this coming summer.

The Pacers will likely match any teams offer to sign George, so they would want to take this team in a different direction? Granger is 30, and on his final year of his deal. His career scoring average is nearly 19 points per game, he's averaged 20 points per game four seasons in a row,but not in his last two. If Granger had three years left on his deal the Pacers wouldn't think of dealing him, and the Celtics wouldn't want to add his contract.  The Celtics get cap relief, and a potential All-Star if he can return healthy. The biggest thing will be the cap relief moving forward. The Celtics would deal Wallace, and Bass for Granger. That would open up the Celtics majorly next summer with Humphries coming off the books also.

That would leave the Celtics with nearly 25-30 million in cap space. That's if they want to hit close to the 71-72 cap threshold. But what if Granger would work well with the new team and Rondo? He would be resigned maybe? So how does this help the Pacers. Instead of losing Granger for nothing next summer. They would bring in Wallace to help guard Wade and James,or a Pierce and Joe Johnson combo.  With Bass they would add scoring off the bench, and much needed depth up front to keep West, and Hibbert fresh. The Pacers are in the middle of competing in the East for the next 2-3 years, so adding Wallace's 3 year deal, and Brandon's 2 year deal won't kill them.I think not adding talent with a likely Granger departure would hurt them later on.


This stuff is fictional of course, but when it comes to trades. Even though I call out guys like Simmons who make some crazy deals up as well. Any trade seems possible these days. I tried to find a few trades that could help both sides. Tomorrow I will pick a few trades for Kris Humphries.

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Reply john
12:56 PM on July 14, 2013 
Why not Bass, Crawford and Bogans and a #1 for Asik.....
Reply Greg
1:06 PM on July 14, 2013 
john says...
Why not Bass, Crawford and Bogans and a #1 for Asik.....

That could work, do you mean the Rockets give us a pick, or we offer a pick?
Reply jlil89
3:22 PM on July 14, 2013 
We would definitely have to pony up our own pick to convince Houston to take on those contracts. That's a good trade for both teams. Bass would be fantastic in Houston for the floor spacing. Howard will be bruising down so this would be a great fit really. Crawford comes on the cheap and could give them some guard depth off the bench along with Beverly and Garcia. Bogans is not a good deal but that's what the pick is for. :P

And Asik in Boston would be great. No explaining necessary here.