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The Boston Celtics Have Officially Entered a Rebuilding Process (Guest Writer Ron Leyba)

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 3, 2013 at 5:15 AM

What a change these past days have brought to the Boston Celtics. After the team’s owner decided to ship longtime Coach and one of the anchors of the C’s, Doc Rivers to the Los Angeles Clippers, one could sense the intention for change in Boston. Now, after the blockbuster trade that sent future Hall-of-Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Brooklyn Nets, the team has officially entered a rebuilding process.

Celtics fans will have to live with the idea that their team will not look the way it did until last season. Nor will it be as successful. Of course the next years won’t be disastrous, but they will be tough. In fact the knife might reach even closer to the bone, as the rumors about a potential trade for the All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo are blooming. Fortunately, the C’s have something to believe in, their legacy.

All NBA teams have to pass through this process. That’s just how the system works. Only a few teams throughout the history had the luck, the luxury and the mental clarity to manage and stay at the top level for extended periods. In regards to the Celtics, they were one of these teams and they will surely strike back.

Things will be vastly different next season.

The truth is that even after Ray Allen’s departure and even after Rondo’s season ending injury, the Celtics found a way to overcome Pierce’s slump, KG’s aging and still make it to the Playoffs. Rivers has been a huge factor in that course. There is no doubt he is one of the best in the league in turning nobodies into somebodies. That’s exactly what he did last season, when the Celtics had to rely on controversial players to go forward.

Of course now, Boston will have to rely on a new coach to take over and lead the team to a successful course, whatever this could mean. Fortunately, due to the major changes in the coaching positions around the league, there are several talented and proven coaches available and Boston could benefit from this situation.

Also, the rebuilding could stop at the point it has reached now, or it could go even deeper. That revolves mainly around Rondo’s future.

Surely Rondo is a valuable asset for the future. Alongside Jeff Green and Avery Bradley, perhaps also Jarred Sullinger, they can be the centerpieces of the new Boston Celtics team. With a couple of moves but also through the bunch of draft picks the C’s now hold for the next years, the team can emerge through its ashes. Of course that won’t happen overnight. Two, maybe three years will be needed for the results to be shown.

Until then, the Celtics will play with a transitional roster. Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries and the rest of the players that were acquired from the Nets can’t be characterized as something more than that.
Hands down Ainge’s choices did not bring joy to the Celtics fans. But they brought hope for the future. That’s why Boston can be optimistic.

About The Author:

Ron Leyba is the content manager of www.FantasyBasketballMoneyLeagues.com – premier source of fantasy basketball rankings, news and rumors.

For more updates, follow https://twitter.com/NBAFantasyInfo" target="_blank">@NBAFantasyInfo on Twitter.

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Reply paul
7:36 AM on July 3, 2013 
You write as though you assume that just because Ainge does something, we have to believe in it. I don't think so. I think that Ainge has sacrificed the Celtics' most valuable asset, the perception that it was a franchise where loyalty really mattered, in order to gather a bunch of draft picks that look rather weak. He also gave up some prized personnel assets in this pursuit of potentially weak draft picks, and that looks like less than a fabulous bargain. Admittedly, multiple first round picks in the next several years are not to be sneezed at, and also, we've seen before what Ainge can do with 'fungible' assets (Big Three deals) and also with late picks, and so on. Without a doubt, Ainge has made a bold move and an interesting gamble. Noticeably, this gamble has also put Rondo's prime years in extreme jeopardy. By the time a strong lineup is likely to gel, if all Ainge's plans go well, as it appears, Rondo will likely be moving out of his prime at that point. So it would appear that Ainge has decided NOT to build around Rondo.

We'll see how it all works out, but honestly, this piece reads to me like apologetics for Ainge, the same stuff every other blogger seems to write. 'Don't worry everyone. Danny is in control. Trust in Danny. Don't criticize.' and so on. Regardless, thankyou for your piece and welcome aboard.
Reply Greg
1:38 PM on July 3, 2013 
I like his writing, but I think he's just kind of recaping things Paul.most of us don't allow Danny apologies that easy.lol
Reply paul
5:50 PM on July 3, 2013 
Greg says...
I like his writing, but I think he's just kind of recaping things Paul.most of us don't allow Danny apologies that easy.lol

I like it too.