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Ainge Responds To Rivers Heading To L.A.

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 25, 2013 at 8:35 PM

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Ainge made it clear today that Doc didn't quit on this team, but that's the political correct answer that will have to live with.Ainge also said the fight between Doc and Rondo happened over two years ago, and it had nothing to do with Doc's wanting to leave town. I'll have more thoughts on this later in the night and early morning. In the meantime here's some quotes and the Danny video. Also Ainge said no way he coaches this team next season.

"On May 3rd, our season ended [with a first-round playoff exit against the New York Knicks]. And there was some uncertainty as to whether Doc would return to the Celtics or not at that time -- I wasn’t aware of it then, but [the media] made me aware of it... I had every reason to believe that he would come back, but coaching is hard, and it’s draining, and what people say at the end of a long season, you don’t take to heart.

"On May 8th, Doc and I had a conversation about his future and I was curious about which way he was leaning and why... He was uncertain still at that time, but wondered what his options were.

"On May 9th, we sent him a letter saying that we expected him to be our coach, and he was under contract to be our coach for three more years. That was our intention all along and that’s what we hoped he would do. And then in subsequent weeks, conversations started as he still had uncertainty as to what he would do.

"[Soon after], we had a conversation, him and I, as friends and partners over the last nine years, and a guy that I really trust, we had a conversation that we discussed the possibility of him trying to get the Clippers job. There were other teams that were interested in hiring Doc, [but] we didn’t allow any of them to talk to Doc that had inquired. But the Clippers was one that intrigued him a little bit. I’m sure their great mix of talent had a lot to do with that, and his friends Skip and Al -- his golfing buddies out in Bel-Air -- had a lot to do with that. But with the idea that, if it wasn’t going to be a win-win-win situation, if it wasn’t good for the Celtics -- which is what my job is: Do what’s best for the Celtics -- and if it wasn’t good for him, it wasn’t good for the Clippers, we just wouldn’t do a deal. And he’d come back and coach [the Celtics].

"That’s the way it was from that point on, all the way until today when the deal was finalized. So today a deal was finalized, we were compensated a first-round pick in 2015 from the Los Angeles Clippers, Doc was let out of contract and reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Clippers. And we will move forward, and find a very good coach who can lead us into the next phase."

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Reply Greg
8:54 PM on June 25, 2013 
Ainge was hurt, you could tell. F-you Doc! Will move on like always, you could have been legendary in Boston.
Reply Greg
10:17 PM on June 25, 2013 
Doc wanted to leave. And Danny did say he thought Doc was our coach,but Doc put out there with his sources that he was done.
Reply paul
4:09 AM on June 26, 2013 
Sounds like Danny is saying in a nice way that Doc kinda screwed him over. I really feel for Ainge. You are so right, Greg. He sounds really hurt.