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ESPN believes Spurs are in trouble, what a shocker

Posted by shawn cassidy on June 10, 2013 at 2:55 PM

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The Heat did what they were supposed to right? They're just to good to lose both games at home. The Spurs did what they wanted to do, and that was splitting the first two games. The Spurs had the Heat for the first 36 minutes or so in game 2. The Heat went on a 22-2 run at home. Some of that was fueled by home court, and the refs allowing the home court advantage as they often do in the NBA for any team. The foul shots were even, but let's be honest Tony Parker wasn't getting any calls after being thrown around, and he wasn't being rewarded by any ref.

That's beside the point. The Spurs and Heat are both in trouble. The series is tied, and if I had to pick a team in trouble I would say Miami. The Spurs will be home for the next three games. The Spurs could win all three at home. It's only happened three times though. The 2004 Pistons, and the 2006 Heat,and 2012 Heat are the only teams in NBA history to win all three home games in the 2-3-2 format. I see this series kind of playing out like the 2010 Finals between the C's and Fakers. The only difference  is that I don't think this series goes 7.  I still believe the Spurs in 6 though.

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Reply paul
3:45 PM on June 10, 2013 
It's very hard to imagine that the league will allow the Spurs to win this series. I'm surprised Wade hasn't broken Parker's leg or something yet. what really kills me about that team are the nastly little creeps on the bench who go nuts with their macho swaggering when they hit a big three or something. I'm talking about Allen, Miller, Battier, Chalmers, etc.. They are little more than coattail hangers, and in the case of Allen, they are turncoat coattail hangers, yet this seems to inspire even more swagger in them. they disgust me.
Reply C'slife
10:23 PM on June 10, 2013 
I love everything you said Paul. Parker was a play away from breaking his leg. The refs allowed the Heat coattail ballers to beat him down. Ray Allen has turned into a thug
Reply paul
11:00 PM on June 10, 2013 
My God, even Ray Allen is a thug now? Does Pat Smear hypnotize these people?