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What are Celtic fans thinking: After the Celtics lose at home to the Nets

Posted by shawn cassidy on April 11, 2013 at 6:00 AM

Comments from ESPN BOSTON Rapid Reaction

Schwab 14 "As much as we all want the Celtics to win if any Celtics fan thinks they can go anywhere in the playoffs with this roster is delusional and need your head examined. After the injuries to Rondo and Sullinger along with the subpar play of Terry, Lee and now Bradley it's just too much to overcome. Pierce Garnett and Green can't do this by themselves and lets not forget the poor coaching by Rivers this year. This team has stopped playing for him and they ultimately is the biggest problem. Thru just have nothing left"

I understand the frustration. Doc hasn't been great this season, but at the same time he's had a lot to overcome with this team. Doc went into camp with the wrong mindset. He thought the loaded roster would just work together like 2008. It didn't, and the Celtics fell in a hole early in the season. This season has become in some ways a learning tool for next year. I personally have taken myself out mentally when it comes to winning a banner this year. But again, I think this team has what it takes to upset everyone.

Maurice7881 " Avery bradley can't shoot or assist. To be a true point guard you have to do more than defend. he is a liability if you ask me"

I agree in a way. Bradley tries to hard at times. He forces his offense because he's struggling. I think Bradley just needs to play within the team concept like last season. He was incredible without the ball. Bradley is a season or two away from having a better three-point jumper, or jump shot period.

MikeMamba21 "I honestly just don't know whats wrong with JET that's making him play so poorly. He's not taking poor shots, he's always been a really good shooter, especially when he can pullup off the pick n roll, he has a great form, is a terrific free throw shooter, plus he's a big shot maker in crunch-time and is still very quick, i really just don't understand his struggles"

Maybe Terry is waiting for the playoffs like Wallace did in 2010. Terry is a big game type of player,and they  brought him here for that reason.

ShoutOutToScottFoster "Was anybody a fan of this team during the 06 season when they went 24-58? If you think they are having a rough season right now you didn't see the pre KG day"

The Celtics franchise is on the right track. This team will compete for the next 5-7 years for sure behind Rondo,and Ainge's crafty way. We are lucky to be here at this point.

Maurice7881 "Does this team have any pride or self confidence Left? Paul turns the ball over way too much and tonight one came when they were making a run and that turnover took the air out of the building. Terry was a mistake to bring to the garden. He should start covering that tattoo."

Terry has been a disappointment this season in many ways. This season has  been a disappointment period. Pierce has made costly turnovers for years, because sometimes he has the ball too much when the Celtics play catchup. He gets into hero mode, and he tries to carry the team.

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Reply paul
7:50 AM on April 11, 2013 
It 's impossible to say how this team will play once the playoffs start. They have such a track record of turning it on and off.
Reply Greg
11:17 AM on April 11, 2013 
paul says...
It 's impossible to say how this team will play once the playoffs start. They have such a track record of turning it on and off.

Its like this every year,only difference is that this is a new team in a sense. So its even more unpredictable.