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You thought you got rid of me, but I am back!

Posted by Jeff Melhorn on May 4, 2012 at 2:30 PM

Well hello everyone! I have been in a funk lately about how to come across some new views of our Celtics. I see my articles as a cool breeze on a hot summer day. I read all the internet sites, blogs, writers. I watch all the local programming and beat reporters that are tasked to cover our favorite team. I was in Vegas recently and I put 100 on the Celtics to win. The Celtics won and when I went to cash my ticket the guy asked me. “How did that old Celtics team beat the Heat?”. I said “the only way it can, Teamwork”.

I try to get a feel for what these multiple sources are trying to paint the magical Celtic’s team picture. When there is an abundance of negative press I step up and try to quell the negative notions with common sense and 25 years for Basketball knowledge. Being born in the city that birthed the sport a lot of times I feel people watch a completely different game that I do.

Game 1: It wasn’t a surprise to me. The starting unit basically got the last 4-6 games off. They had rust through the first half. These Celtics have had an issue with starting fast in almost all there games this season. This was far worse. No flow, the ball stuck like crazy and they lost. The great thing was Josh Smith’s shooting. Keep shooting it Josh, I cheer every time you jack up those 15-20 footers with KG in your face. He’ll never get it and I hope Danny doesn’t sign this waste in the offseason. Now if were talking Horford, then Danny do it.

In the second half I saw the defense I came to expect out of these Celtics. Smothering, suffocation and all things great defenses are defined by. They came one loose ball and one huge bad call from winning that game. Rondo got a little heated and bumped the ref. It was not a trip or a fall nor was he pushed. He responded like Rick Carlise did yesterday against Mark Davis(same guy!!). He had to be restrained by his players after another wonderful call by Mark. Have I mentioned that you should NEVER know what the ref’s name is? Just knowing his name is enough to know he is terrible, Joey Crawford watch out.

Even with the word spreading that Rajon was not going to be in the 2nd game, I felt ok. I deep down know the Celtics are better than the Hawks. Even if they lost Game 2, I am a firm believer that a series doesn’t start until the home team loses. Now that the series is on the way I felt it was my opportunity to touch base with our great fan base to keep the MO going in the right way.

Game 2: The return of the D- Fence (clap,clap,clap). Rotation better, Keyon and Mikael playing very important minuets. Even Keyon hitting 2(not 1 but) 3’s with the Celtics very much behind the Hawks. Not to mention they both played LOCK DOWN defense and kept the Hawks real scoring threat Joe Johnson in check.

Without what the round mound of rebound calls Rondo “the engine that stirs the drink”? What I would give for some Mike Wilbon at that point. The Celtics offence was offensive. It sputtered like a car running on bad gas. Bandon Bass was basically the player that’s game is directly hooked to Rajon’s game and was a collateral damage in game 2. At the end of the game the hawks collapsed under the weight of the Celtics defense.

It wasn’t until the next day I read that Josh Smith was hurt and left the game in the fourth quarter for good. I was sad when I read he may be done for the series or at least game 3. I like having Josh out there. If all else fails you know Josh will just jack it up or make another bone head play. Rim rattling dunks don’t impress me but the one he clanked of the back rim is just what I am talking about.

The key to the rest of the series. The d-facto starting center for the Hawks, Collins. Bring it at him all the time. Draw contact and get him into foul trouble early. When off the court, KG has at least 3-6 inch height advantage over every Hawk. Then pound it down low with KG, send AB and PP as cutters to the hoop. One last thing. ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK. Do not settle for jumpers unless there isn’t a defender on their half of the court. KG and Bass are pre-approved for jumpers but only some. Go down low for the win against this team.

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Reply paul
2:41 PM on May 4, 2012 
I noticed that too that the Mavs had issues with that same awful ref.
Reply paul
2:43 PM on May 4, 2012 
Exactly. Attack attack attack. Right on.
Reply jlil89
3:19 PM on May 4, 2012 
I saw that as well last night LOL! I was like, "Look it's that asshole Mark Davis! Go figure..."

I found it pretty damn funny.
Reply paul
4:16 PM on May 4, 2012 
jlil89 says...
I saw that as well last night LOL! I was like, "Look it's that asshole Mark Davis! Go figure..."

I found it pretty damn funny.

Funny how none of the Rondo-hating media have noted this...
Reply Franklin
7:25 PM on May 4, 2012 
Marc Davis shouldn't be able to work another Celtics game. Welcome back Jeff.