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Thoughts on Ainge, and Ray

Posted by shawn cassidy on April 19, 2012 at 4:55 PM

Just give me some truth was a famous line from John Lennon, and for most human beings we desire the truth. If your married maybe it's from your wife,or husband, and if your parents you want that respect from your kids. From most business men, or from all politicians we never get the answers we crave. Point the finger, have a care. For all we know, you point at air,and never do we  someone there.

Are we in the presence of a deceiver? He  smiles as if he's not corrupt. His eyes, are  they holy? He preaches salvations to all of us who hang on every word. We want to hear every thing that makes us feel safe.  Just to convince ourselves that everything is okay. Ainge has spelled us with his sweet words. We embrace them with smiles, and trust. We believed in his  manifesto. But we need to think for ourselves. I can sit here, and type what he spouts, but I prefer to give my thoughts. You are free to have yours. Ainge is a hard subject for me. Because I like what he has done, and I also hate with so much passion what he has done.

Ainge keeps getting away with everything. Okay I get it, he brought the franchise a banner. But how many lies will it take for some to wake up? How can he dismiss so much? As if he's entiled not to answer questions, about rumors, or actions that are acted out by him. Here are some quotes from Ainge today.

"I never confirmed to Ray that he had been traded"

Okay Ainge, you haven't confirmed, but Doc has.

"We both (Doc and Danny) would talk to a player (if they were in fact traded)"

Danny, you do know that Doc called Ray, and said he was traded?

"I won't comment on possible trade rumors, I just think that's wrong"

Of course you do Ainge, you messed up, and you won't clean it up.

Doc spoke with WEEI, before Ainge did today. Doc clearly said that he was  sent to Memphis. Doc said Danny spoke with Ray, and that Doc gave Allen the news that he wasn't trading him after the deal feel through. So we're left with mixed messages. WEEI LINK HERE

So fans it's up to you, I feel like I normally feel. Like I am being lied to by a ruthless man. Just because one shows promise in talking, and giving answers to questions, and enjoys participating, In playing a highly skilled game. Doesn't mean it's true, and that were getting answers we deserve.

So what's this say about Doc? He seems honest about the rumors, and Ainge puts up a smoke screen. I really thought that both men were reading off the same script, but for Ainge to dismiss the rumor, and for Doc to say it was a deal in place. It's weird. Normally they read  the same book,  on the same page.

So what about Ray? Well he's hurt, and we have no clue on what's going on with him. We know it's his ankle, but his injury draws so many similar actions from past injuries. Does 2009, and KG ring a bell, or how about Shaq-Gate from last year?  I can't trust Celtics management when it comes to injuries. Ray is okay one minute, and the next he's unable to play.

Let's move aside from Ray-Gate. What about his new feelings about Ainge, and playing for this team again? Ray was traded pretty much, but somehow the deal fell apart. His non-loyal boss traded him. I know this is sports, and it's a business. It's a business with merchandise, and with tickets. Not with players. They may call it that, but it's a game, and we shouldn't forget that. Many fans want Ray back next season ,on a cheap discounted deal.  I want him back, Ray and Rondo are equally my favoirte players. After this I don't expect anything from Allen after this season. He's seen Ainge's true colors right? Maybe Ray can look past Ainge, and maybe he wants to play with KG, and Paul, and to work with Doc. What if Ainge doesn't want him back.

I think their realtionship must be on the rocks. I can't see anyone being totally cool with almost being traded.

Here are some more Ainge quotes. CLICK HERE

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Reply Celticslifer
6:15 PM on April 19, 2012 
This is weird, because on one hand you have Doc saying yes, Danny called him, and Ainge says no. Hate this drama. Just come clean man.
Reply Franklin
6:17 PM on April 19, 2012 
CAL his ass out someone. Ainge I liked you, but come on man.
Reply paul
6:40 PM on April 19, 2012 
It really is weird for Doc and Danny not to be on the same page. Is Doc having thoughts about stepping up to GM?
Reply Laker hater
8:55 PM on April 19, 2012 
paul says...
It really is weird for Doc and Danny not to be on the same page. Is Doc having thoughts about stepping up to GM?

Portland needs a coach, and GM. Maybe Doc wants that job, or Danny wants the Portland job.
Reply celtsfan
2:35 AM on April 20, 2012 
I am very puzzled by all of this. Why do we get two different stories. I find this very alarming.