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Waiting for KG,and I'm not sure he'll show

Posted by shawn cassidy on December 29, 2011 at 10:25 PM

I can't imagine KG as an ordinary player, who does ordinary things. Their will be a time were KG realizes he can't be "THe Big Ticket" anymore,and he will have to become Kevin Garnett an oridanry person . I have always had some pity for KG after the 2009 season. In 2008 he became a world champion,and his name was added to list of great players who won a title. In 2009 KG was working on an encore with the Celtics to win back-to-back titles. I think it's fair to say that KG hit his peak in 2008,and in the middle of 2009 everything went out the door. He's never fully recovered from the injury. Well he may have recovered,but he's never been the same after. It could just be old age,and miles on his body. When KG made his return in 2009-10 he looked like an ordinary player. We saw some good things that gave us hope,and Celtics fans had hopes for KG during playoff time.


KG dragged his legs all season long,and finally when the playoffs started KG broke out of his brace like little Forrest Gump. KG was a step quicker,and KG was a force again. KG wasn't the KG from 2008,but that didn't stop him from helping his team. We know the Celtics fell short for the NBA championship,but if KG doesn't find his extra bounce who knows if they even make it to the finals in 2010. Rondo had a lot to do with the finals run that year,but KG came to life just like frosty the snowman. In the 2010-11 season KG had a bounce back year. He looked very similar to the KG from 2008. He wasn't as explosive,but he did have some of it back. In the playoffs last year KG had a big game three against the Heat,and after that game he was a no-show. He couldn't muster up the same performance,and he couldn't even control Bosh anymore. I don't know if the final two games in the Heat series were a sign,but KG is playing very similar to that KG.

The Garnett we have this season is a jump shooter. He's a very good shooter,but the Celtics need a player that can go in the post. KG just won't do it. The bigger concern I have about KG is his bread,and butter,and that's his defensive attitude,and his ability to lead the Celtics defense. This isn't new to you,but KG looks like he's aged dramatically in terms of game play. I'm really hoping we get one more year out of KG,and I hope for him as well. The Celtics need the KG from last season,and if the Celtics can't get that. The title hope is gone. The big four have there flaws,and sometimes as a unit they make up for it. It's very clear that this team has issues up front,and if KG is apart of that issue. Then the Celtics have an issue. I'm hoping KG finds his footing,but at age 35 sometimes it's just gone. It's only three games in,but the evidence is their KG has lost something.


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Reply GeeZeeCeltics
5:38 PM on December 29, 2011 
I'll go ahead and predict Kevin having a big game against Detroit. Maybe it's the desperate fan talking within me, not wanting to let KG decline.
Reply paul
10:19 PM on December 29, 2011 
JO and KG should come off the bench, I think. Rondo? We need to get rid of him. His play yesterday was just unacceptable in my book. Watching videos of Jack scoring and Rondo pretending to play defense was sickening. I saw something I never saw with him before - that he was deliberately pretending to play defense. You could tell it wasn't even that he was gambling foolishly or something like that. No, he was deliberately faking it. We need to get rid of him and give someone else the chance. Too bad. He has more talent than anyone, in my opinion, but if he doesn't want to play, then that's that. I wish him good luck in finding a career that inspires him more and fulfills him more than basketball does. I don't blame him for his heart not being in it. I do blame him for faking.

Unless he has an injury we don't know about, like a concussion.
Reply paul
10:37 PM on December 29, 2011 
I think I figured out what is going on with Rondo.


I'll bet he's heard via Perkins that Westbrook and Durant are having issues. I think he's trying to get himself traded to OKC. I don't buy it that his terrible game against NO was just 'one of those things'.
He's trying to get himself traded.
Reply jlil89
12:18 AM on December 30, 2011 
That would be a bastard move of Rondo for a way to get yourself traded....
Reply Franklin
1:09 AM on December 30, 2011 
jlil89 says...
That would be a bastard move of Rondo for a way to get yourself traded....

It would be! It would be awful! I will jump to that conclusion if he continues to play like he did in New Orleans.
Reply paul
7:53 AM on December 30, 2011 
jlil89 says...
That would be a bastard move of Rondo for a way to get yourself traded....

It would be. I'm just speculating, though, based on the way the Westbrook controversy has exploded again, and Rondo's apparently ridiculously bad play vs. NO.
Reply paul
7:56 AM on December 30, 2011 
Franklin says...
It would be! It would be awful! I will jump to that conclusion if he continues to play like he did in New Orleans.

It just seemed to me like something more than Rondo being tired. It seemed more deliberate to me. Even his matador defense seemed more egregious than usual, more like waving sort of stylishly as Jack rolled by...