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The talkin' box score: Boston Celtics -Minnesota Timberwolves 89-104

Posted by Morena on October 21, 2013 at 2:45 PM

Here we are to talk about the sixth loss of the season.

And when you look at the shooting percentage of the team, you can easily understand that it was a tough night. Minnesota shot 46% while Boston shot an incredible 38%. You can be a scrappy team and fight, but you have to make shots.


Wallace was our best scorer and he did so by making 16 points which is actually a good, and his shooting percentage was good. Moreover, Shawn said today that he’s being a good leader while Rondo is out and I liked what he had to say after the game. There are a lot of good, young guy on this team, and we need a veteran that keeps us with our foot well planted on the ground.


Bass and Kelly also shot the ball pretty well. They didn’t attempt a lot of shot, but they were able to make the best out of them. And both were also very good off the board, with Bass grabbing a team-high 8 rebounds, and Kelly 6 off the bench. I like it when I see this kind of stats. To me, it looks like you’re probably not having your best night, but still, you’re doing your best to help the team, and you end up being really valuable to the team.


And they were very important last night because Boston lost the rebounding war by a big margin, especially on defense, and I would have liked to see more people fight to grab some rebounds. Bradley had a solid game, and even without watching the game, I figure his defense is still precious to our team. Brooks was able to help with six rebounds and 9 points, but when I looked at his 4for14 I almost fell off the chair.


Another guy that has been good off the bench so far, is Green. And this doesn’t stop worrying me. Green was supposed to be one of our main guy this year, and he has somehow disappointed so far. But I remember a couple off game when he played off the bench and he was able to help the team. We have strong expectation on him, and I want him to be a very good starter, not a good off the bench guy.


To look at the stats of Lee and Sully was almost painful. Really. There’s nothing you can save from their numbers. And when you have two out of five starters that play like they did yesterday, it’s really hard to win games. No points, no assist, almost no rebounds. The highest stat was the number of personal fouls. And the same can be said for Crawford. They all played a good amount of minutes doing absolutely nothing.


One of the positive things that I was able to take away from yesterday game is the low number of turnover. Especially considering that Stevens is playing a lot of different guys, 11 turnovers is not bad. There was not one guy that had a high number of turnovers. We saw this coming. The guys are starting to know each other and they’re starting to know where to find each other on the field.


I’m really disappointing by this game.

I can’t wait for the guys to step on the floor again to delete this game from my thoughts and show me they can give me some big reasons to smile this year.


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Reply C'slife
7:44 PM on October 21, 2013 
I like the turnover amount as well. I thought it would have been much higher this preseason, but Bradley and others have done a decent job with the Ball.
Reply Celticslifer
7:48 PM on October 21, 2013 
Yea I also thought we would turn the ball over more than we have, will see if it trickles down in the regular season.