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The Good,the Bad,and the Ugly: Game 33 vs the Hawks

Posted by shawn cassidy on January 6, 2013 at 6:30 AM

The Good


Rondo was heading towards the ugly side of this post, and his first half defense deserves that notion. But Rondo woke up, and the Celtics behind Rondo's triple double won Saturday night. Rondo didn't look bothered by any injury, and Rondo was very aggressive on both ends. I love when Rondo goes for scoring. He can truly nail the jumper, and it's become a true part of his game now. Rondo is working his way back to All-star starter status.

The "D"

The defense is back, and the credit has gone to Avery returning. Bradley only played 20 minutes against the Hawks, but his effort in the third quarter was contagious like a cold. Avery has helped the Celtics since returning, and when Bradley comes back to full speed. Watch out league. He's still giving the Celtics a lot with limited time due to conditioning.  The Hawks ended with 41% shooting from the field, and that's a good number for the Celtics defense, but in the second half the Celtics held the Hawks to 24% shooting from the field.

Pierce and Rondo two man game

The Celtics need both to gel together. Pierce, and Rondo are the two guys behind the offense, and they need to work together for it to work. Slowly but surely the C's are getting better without Ray Allen as the focus on the offensive end. I still see this as a better offensive team from last season when on point. Both Rondo, and Pierce played nicely off of each other, and it's the way is supposed to be. Pierce had 26 points, and Rondo had 14 points.

Welcome back Bass

I hate to be on Bass. It's not his fault he's undersized at the power forward position. He gives a solid effort nightly, and I hope he's able to give the Celtics more of what he did Friday night on the glass, and what he did Saturday on the offensive end. Maybe Bass is the starting type. He seems to be comfortable with that role instead of coming off the bench. Sully seems to be playing more as of late, and Sully may get the big time minutes if he continues to improve. In the meantime welcome back Bass even though you've been here the entire time.

The Bad

Where are you Green?

Green with another low scoring game. He's averaging 7.4 points a game in his last five games, and just 2.5 per game in his last two games. Green's minutes have dropped as well in the past three games. He's only on the floor for about 17 minutes per game after usually getting 23 minutes per night. The Celtics need effort more so than numbers from Green. Even though numbers would be nice. They need defensive effort, but they also need more than just 2 or 3 points from Green. Green hasn't lived up to the contract yet, and who knows if he will. I still have faith in Green.

Poor start not okay despite win

The Celtics won a crucial game from being down 19 points, and 15 at the half. But they shouldn't mess around like this. They need to put together a 48 minute effort. They will have breakdowns of course, but effort for 48 minutes is what we ask.

The Ugly

The Refs

The offensive foul call on Rondo was bogus, and many other little calls along the way Saturday set off alarms to me. When you also take in account the night before that KG was ejected for an obvious on the ball type of accidental hit. The league has issues with the refs as usual. I was shocked that Rondo was given a tech. He kept his cool after the awful call.

Guarding the three!

The Celtics have found a defensive groove again. But they still had issues containing the three-point shooting of the Hawks. To the Celtics credit it did improve in the second half. But the Celtics still gave up 10 three's Saturday. They need to clean that part up on the defensive end.

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Reply Greg
12:03 PM on January 6, 2013 
Green hopefully gets going by the end of the season. He's the x factor,but so far he's played like a 3 million dollar player instead of 9 mil.
Reply Birdman33
5:23 PM on January 6, 2013 
Greg says...
Green hopefully gets going by the end of the season. He's the x factor,but so far he's played like a 3 million dollar player instead of 9 mil.

I like Green the person the player I don't care for. He's not going to change. He's the same old Jeff Green that sucked in 2011 after the Perk deal.
Reply paul
6:40 PM on January 6, 2013 
Big game tomorrow