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Celtics Morning Joe: Who's the best point guard in the NBA?

Posted by shawn cassidy on July 25, 2011 at 9:31 AM

Rose is the 2011 MVP.Does that mean he's the best point guard in the NBA? The NBA has a lot of good point guards right now. Who's the best in the NBA? How do you determine who's the best? I'll give you my top three point guards,but this is what ESPN said.


Jovan Buha, ClipperBlog: Chris Paul. When healthy there's no denying Paul's stature, especially after his brilliant display against the Lakers this postseason. His combination of vision, patience, grace, tenacity and selflessness allows him to dismantle the league's best defenses, dominate his opponents and execute plays that seem impossible.

Royce Young, Daily Thunder: It's the ever-changing answer depending on who's hot at the time. After a big assist night, it's Rajon Rondo. After a crazy fourth-quarter takeover, it's Deron Williams. After an MVP, it's Derrick Rose. But there's one constant, one guy that's always good. And that's Chris Paul. Still the best, no doubt.

It truly changes everynight during the season. This kind of reminds me of the NBA in the 90's. In the 80's- 90's the NBA had a lot of good centers. You had David Robinson,Hakeem Olajuwon,Patrick Ewing,Shaq,Brad Daugherty,and Rick Smits to name a few. So Who's the best?

1) Chris Paul- He's not the leagues MVP,and he's not a world champion,but overall I believe Chris Paul is the best the league has to offer. He's been dealing with some injuries in the past couple of seasons. Chris Paul put up a MVP type season in 2008,and it looked awfully like Rose from 2011. Chris Paul hasn't had the greatest team since 2008. His teammates either became older,or they have dealt with injuries. Just look at this year. Could the Hornets have beaten the Lakers in the first round if David West was able to play? Chis Paul can do a lot on the floor. He's the best shooting point guard. He can shoot behind the three-point line,or he can shoot the ball 12 to 15 feet away from the basket. Paul is able to get to the basket with such ease. As for Rose he's become a scorer,and for a point guard like Rondo he's become a pass first point guard. I would say Paul is a mix of both point guards. He will score when needed,and he will dish the ball when it's needed. So to answer your question. I love Rondo,but I would trade Rondo for Paul.

2)D. Rose- He's the MVP,and he was the hottest player in 2011. Rose worked on his game in the off-season. He improved his shooting,and his three-point shooting. He became unstoppable at times on the offensive end. Rose carried the Bulls to the best record in the league this season,and this was after key teammates lost a lot of games during the course of the season. Rose could be flourishing because of former Celtics assistant Coach Thibbs. Rose is the best scoring point guard in the NBA,and scoring has opened up his passing.Rose is also one of the best scorers overall. Rose will need some help if the Bulls will get over that hump.

3)Rajon Rondo- He's an NBA champion,and he almost won another in 2010. Rondo is the best passing point guard in the league,and he just might be the best  scoring around the basket. Rondo's downfall is his shooting,and his free throw shooting. He's showed some improvements,but for him to become the best he needs to learn to shoot better. Rondo unlike the other two point guards needs to handle three future hall of famers. Rondo will get his chance to stand alone,or hopefully the Celtics can add some big free agents next year after the Big 3 retire in the next couple of seasons.

Who's the best point guard in the league?


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1 Comment

Reply paul
8:26 AM on July 26, 2011 
Comparing point guards now to centers in the nineties is a good way to answer this question. Funny too how the championship usually ends up being decided by other players. It was that way with the centers too, in the eighties and nineties apart from Olajuwon's to championships, until Shaq and Duncan started winning everything.

When comparing players, I think we need to understand that writing about and debating players merits inherently creates a prejudice against those players who don't have all around games that are as strong. This comes up everytime the all-time great centers are discussed. Russell can't be left out of that discussion, but no one wants to ever put him at number one, because he wasn't that big, and he wasn't a great scorer. He just has such gaps in his resume. But really, who would you pick for center of your all time team?

It's like discussing beautiful women. Did Marilyn have the best face? No, she had a fairly ordinary face. Best legs? No. She had nice legs. Best boobs? Ok, well, she was pretty outstanding in that department. But really, she was kinda short, kinda fat, and kinda ordinary looking. But what other female sex symbol do you call by their first name, and everyone in the world knows exactly who you mean? Who even comes close to her as all time great sex symbol?

Greatness isn't an additive process. It's a transformational process. It's something Rajon Rondo has. We have yet to see what his post-Big Three career will look like, of course, but for right now, I find this question, of who is the best point guard in the game today, surprisingly easy. Rondo's biggest weakness isn't even his shooting; it's the way his mind drifts in and out of focus. But he has vision. No one in the game has vision like he does. I don't just mean the ability to see what is happening on the court. I mean the ability to see ahead, to see around the corner and, more than that, to see the game inside the game.

I wouldn't trade him for anyone. He may never become the player of legend that one senses he could be, but I'll take that chance. What he has is what sports is all about. It's that extra dimension. You don't trade that. You feed it all the resources you can. He's a reason to be excited about Celtics basketball.